[WEBINAR] Centralised vs. Decentralised Exchanges

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Time and time again we've seen centralised exchanges lead the charge... until now. Decentralised exchanges are up in the air offering what the former lacked... security, transparency and accessibility. But is it really?

This webinar with Uzair Qidwai of Cent Finance, Symmetric along with Will Dudenhausen of the Dispute Settlement Center explores and compares the relative pros and cons of each in terms of user participation.

  • Why did you opt to have a decentralised exchange over a centralised exchange? And what would you say are the main benefits of decentralised exchanges?

[00:02:22] Uzair Qidwai

  • Where do you see autonomy from a user experience point of view? Do you see that it's just a matter of time until centralised exchanges catch up? Or is there more to it?

[00:04:27] Will Dudenhausen

  • How do you counter the security and custody issues that come with decentralised projects? From a user experience point of view, which one is safer in terms of storing your money?

[00:08:21] Will Dudenhausen

  • How can decentralised exchanges ensure security and custody, and how can they build up that trust and honor?

[00:10:17] Uzair Qidwai

  • Do you see the lack of liquidity as a problem when it comes to decentralised exchanges? Or is that just a factor with it being in its early stages?

[00:13:32] Uzair Qidwai

[00:16:15] Will Dudenhausen

  • Would fewer options when it comes to ramping and offering facilities be a problem in the decentralised space?

[00:18:48] Uzair Qidwai

  • How far do you see the space is going, in terms of the need to improve the user experience and ease of use especially for people who are new to crypto?

[00:21:22] Will Dudenhausen


Meet Uzair Qidwai

Uzair is passionate about using the latest technologies (such as AI, ML & blockchain) to help build more efficient, inclusive, fairer, highly accessible, and decentralised financial services - This is what they are building with Cent Finance and Symmetric. Contact Symmetric and Uzair Website Medium Telegram Discord GitHub Twitter Uzair Qidwai

Meet Will Dudenhausen

Will has a BA from Illinois College in Jacksonville, Illinois. Will joined the Center in 2004 and conducts trainings, interventions, and facilitations for adults and youth in schools, organizations, and workplaces. He is an MNNC and DPI-certified mediator, and a Family Mediator.

Contact the Dispute Settlement Center and Will




Will Dudenhausen

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