We create opportunities to build meaningful relationships, and exchange value through shared experiences on a range of topics from Blockchain, Digital Assets, Crypto to Tech for Sustainability. 


The Crypto Curry Club connects like minded individuals to come together and affect real change that innovates our future while driving businesses forward. 




We run real world and online events that are engaging, fun and built on relationships that extend beyond the generic. 


We organise online experiences with key people from our industry in order to demystify and collectively impact emerging trends and technologies from Blockchain, Crypto, DeFi, and Digital Assets to Sustainable Tech.


We connect jobs to their ideal candidates; firms and partners, experts, thought leaders, and our partners to their audience. 






Erica Stanford

Founder, Crypto Curry Club 

For Erica Stanford, it all started with a gathering of people who happened to have shared interests in all things AI, Blockchain, Digital Assets, DeFi, Crypto, Tech for Sustainability and well, curry. Things really took off from there and Crypto Curry Club was born in the United Kingdom in the latter part of 2018. Since then, the Crypto Curry Club has grown to over 4000 active members, has hosted dozens of webinars, 240 live events, 5 issues of Blockchain Industry Review Magazine and counting, up-to-date. 

They have a reach that goes deep into FinTech, Emerging Tech, Retailers, Banks, Advisory Firms, Law Firms, Government, Universities, VC Firms and  Large Enterprises. In 2018, Erica launched the Crypto Curry Club with a mission to pioneer a space with today’s change makers, experts and developers in an informal, friendly, and fun way over food, coffee, and normally curry to fully understand the ways that support people in business. She’s passionate about bringing together and empowering like-minded professionals who value networking with a group of their peers, exploring subject matter at the heart of this sector, and doing business. 


Creating a culture of quality to drive performance with  high-caliber content and like-minded people. 


Our mission is to bring value to our community, enabling deeper connections that will make someone - a partner, a member - a community, stronger. 


Okay, yes we love Crypto and Curry, but it’s bigger than that.

Crypto Curry Club values a culture of quality people, meaningful connection and driving businesses forward. 

We value the power of connections because collectively, we have an impact. Our events are about getting ahead and delivering results by harnessing the power of our community. 




We host Public & Private Events in London, Oxford and Bristol both in person and online.

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