Crypto Curry Club

The Crypto Curry Club was formed in 2018 and are now the top-rated blockchain and tech networking events in London and the UK. The London Crypto Curry Club is invite only and welcomes founders and leaders in blockchain, fintech, AI and emerging technologies. There are events focused on general networking, as well as talks and afternoons focused on working use cases of blockchain for construction and pharma, as well as other industries coming soon.

People who attend are founders or decision makers within blockchain or tech companies, C-suite of banks, payment providers, enterprises, retail, consultancy firms, tech or security corporations, solution providers such as recruitment or insurance and partners of law firms. Some are working in tech or as developers, some are in tech PR or media, some are working on exciting new projects, and some are senior leaders from non-related companies or industries who want to see if or how to implement digital currencies or blockchain/ DLT technology.

Events are sales-free. Everyone is given a chance to introduce themselves and say what they are working on, what their interests are and what they are looking for or need, if anything. People are free to speak to anyone in the room, and many valuable connections and business partnerships have been made.

Most events have a speaker, who will stay around to answer questions, industry specific events have several speakers.

The Crypto Curry Club is active in London, with events taking place or starting soon in Cambridge, Bristol and Oxford.

Attended By:

The Crypto Curry Club is attended by Partners of leading law firms, VPs and C-Suite of major banks and payment processors, C-Suite and senior management of retail and consumer brands and enterprises, Government and innovation arms, Heads of Tech and Blockchain of global companies and enterprises including retail, oil and gas, consumer, energy and security, Embassy representatives, economic advisors, Founders of Startups and Founders and senior management of tech and blockchain projects and companies, and senior management of leading blockchain and tech platforms.

What happens at Events?

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Crypto Curry Club is Kindly sponsored byThe Crypto Curry Club is kindly sponsored by Lewis Silkin LLP


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