[WEBINAR] Meet the Founder of Symmetric, Uzair Qidwai

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

According to Uzair, the financial system should work for all, but the current system is skewed... it favors a few and excludes many, and so his team is on a mission to change that by leveraging new technologies to promote financial inclusion, literacy, transparency, and decentralisation.

Find out what they are doing at Symmetric, and how they are changing the narrative of finance in this episode.

  • After leaving your MBA, why start working straight away in a blockchain startup years ago?

[00:01:03] Uzair Qidwai

  • How did you see this promise of change in this industry? And what was the kicking moment?

[00:02:50] Uzair Qidwai

  • How did you form an early job in blockchain startup to running your own

[00:03:49] Uzair Qidwai

  • What kept you going despite the various lockdowns during the pandemic season?

[00:05:36] Uzair Qidwai

  • Why choose the decentralised route?

[00:07:33] Uzair Qidwai

  • How did you go from such a sort of a running start to actually having a company and leading that albeit whilst working totally remotely the whole time?

[00:09:55] Uzair Qidwai

  • What has been your biggest win?

[00:11:09] Uzair Qidwai

  • What’s next for you?

[00:11:53] Uzair Qidwai

  • Do you think that working remotely will be the main trend that’s accepted even after the pandemic?

[00:13:38] Uzair Qidwai

  • And how do you see decentralised companies working in DeFi going?

[00:14:57] Uzair Qidwai

  • Is setting up another decentralised exchange and/or another DeFi wallet part of the next challenge for you?

[00:16:02] Uzair Qidwai

  • What’s the most exciting thing about DeFi?

[00:17:05] Uzair Qidwai

  • Where's your go-to for information for trends in the industries changing for new technologies? Where do you go, what do you read?

[00:17:58] Uzair Qidwai


Meet Uzair Qidwai

Uzair is passionate about using the latest technologies (such as AI, ML & blockchain) to help build more efficient, inclusive, fairer, highly accessible, and decentralised financial services - This is what they are building with Cent Finance and Symmetric.

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Uzair Qidwai

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