[WEBINAR] Adding Bitcoin to Your Balance Sheet

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

In recent months, large companies such as Tesla have swapped billions of dollars in cash for Bitcoin. It’s exhilarating to think how this coin once known for wild speculations increasingly made its way to not just in mainstream media but even started accepting invitations to appear on corporate balance sheets.

In this episode, Director of PKF-Francis Clark, Ben Lee and CEO, Co-founder of Coinpass.com, Jeff Hancock tackles some of the key questions over cryptocurrency bookkeeping and tax.

How does crypto accounting work? And should you be riding in on this?

  • Stats on firms doing this now — UK or wider jurisdiction?

[00:01:30] Jeff Hancock

[00:03:51] Ben Lee

  • Process for adding Bitcoin to one’s balance sheet?

[00:04:42] Jeff Hancock

[00:05:53] Ben Lee

  • Red flags to consider before, during, and after the process

[00:07:54] Ben Lee

[00:08:58] Jeff Hancock

  • How Crypto Exchanges and Accountants are joining forces to facilitate a smoother go of this for their clients

[00:11:45] Jeff Hancock

[00:13:12] Ben Lee

  • Best practices for anyone about to embark on this now

[00:16:44] Ben Lee

[00:17:37] Jeff Hancock


Meet Ben Lee

Ben considers himself fortunate to be in practice at a time our government is looking to digitalise tax, leading to a number of changes for many in the future. This combined with the growth of blockchain and smart contracts make him excited about the future, and lucky to have managed to fix that 086 on many occasions before he says his parents noticed, many years ago.

His role as a Director at PKF-Francis Clark allows Ben to draw on everything he has learned to date to advise individuals and businesses at all stages of their life cycle, strategically and tax efficiently. Over the years he's dealt with a number of different clients, from sole traders to listed companies operating a huge range of industries. Ben takes great pride in supporting clients to realise and achieve their ambitions.

In the media

Adding Bitcoin to Your Balance Sheet by PKF-Francis Clark

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Ben Lee

Meet Jeff Hancock

Originally from Australia, Jeff has spent the last 16 years in technology sectors looking after Hotels, Casinos, and Datacentres. I've designed technical infrastructures for large retail, fintech, and investment companies in the U.K. and most recently the £100b pound SoftBank Vision Fund.

His most recent venture is coinpass.com, An award-winning Cryptocurrency Exchange and investment platform.

Their vision is to blur the line between crypto and banking into a single digital layer.

Their mission is to build a regulated, compliant, safe and secure way for investors and businesses to access the digital asset space with the best in class experience.

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Jeff Hancock

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