Tracr - Connecting the Diamond Value Chain to Show Sustainability Initiatives

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Jim Duffy, CEO of Tracr, speaks on how they are using blockchain to provide full accountability for the diamond supply chain.

How Tracr uses Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies (Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Security & Privacy) to objectively and confidently trace diamonds at industry scale, and how their technologies can be used to ensure accountability in other materials.

The past decade has seen the rise of the ethical consumer, and now more than ever consumers expect sustainable sourcing to be verified and assured. Tracr has brought the opportunity of connectivity and digital transformation at the forefront of the industry’s agenda. Their purpose is to enhance trust within the diamond industry by assuring provenance, traceability and authenticity of natural diamonds.

Tracr is working collaboratively with the entire value chain (from large producers to artisanal & small scale miners, manufacturers, graders and retailers) to foster a culture of innovation, enhance business practices and ensure consumer trust.

Jim shares how Tracr objectively and confidently demonstrates provenance,

traceability and authenticity through a consistent and reliable process that can observe every diamond at all stages of the value chain, and enables companies to substantiate their own environmental and social impact stories in a way that wasn’t previously possible.

As part of the collaborative effort to accelerate sustainable sourcing of raw materials, Tracr is also representing Anglo American as one of the 7 members of the World Economic Forum’s Mining and Metals Blockchain Consortium. Tracr continues to share valuable learnings on how their process and technology architecture can be easily adapted to other industry challenges.


Meet Jim:

Jim Duffy has been transforming industries using the latest digital technology since the Internet began.

During his time at BNP Paribas he helped revolutionise markets via digital connectivity and solve the data and analytics challenges required to programmatically trade. Jim was awarded the Data Architect of the Year from Oracle Corporation twice for work on the globally distributed cross asset class real-time data analytics platform he created.

While at MongoDB, Jim worked with Fortune 100 enterprises in finance and beyond to catalyse their digital transformation using similar distributed data architectures. This helped lead to the successful IPO of MDB in 2017, now a rapidly growing >$10Bn valued Nasdaq listed data brand.

Jim’s interest in the crypto space before the first bitcoin halving led to an early understanding of the transformative capabilities of distributed ledger technology.

With these experiences Jim is now leading Tracr, a connected value chain platform that uses digital assets to provide unparalleled Trust in how an industry operates. Tracr leverages Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and IoT to connect and industry’s physical processes to a digital platform that masters its data to facilitate business interactions and tell consumers the sustainability stories of the products they buy.

Tracr is at the forefront of the Industry 4.0 transformation that is redefining how businesses interoperate and communicate with their end consumers at the moment that Trust has never been more important.

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