[WEBINAR] Sweeping, Paperless & HMRC Payments via #OpenBanking

Open Banking is ushering in a new era of payments that are laid down by convenience, transparency, and security. New-age solutions such as Sweeping, Paperless & HRMC Payments via Open Banking exemplify a massive improvement in the digital buying experience while being consumer-friendly and cost-effective.

Vince Howard, Senior Digital Marketing Lead of Financial Services, Open Banking talks us through how the landscape is changing and what we can anticipate in the months and years ahead.

  • Give us a simplified overview of exactly what open banking is — How it works, and also give some examples of where we're seeing open banking on a day-to-day basis already

[00:01:27] Vince Howard

  • Give us just an overview of what you think has been the main trends? And what's next really, in open banking, where do you see this going?

[00:03:39] Vince Howard

  • How mainstream is Open Banking already? Is it something that people or pretty much everyone is already using without necessarily knowing it?

[00:08:06] Vince Howard

  • Do you see any other use cases within crypto/other sorts of crypto wallets/decentralized exchanges/DeFi platforms? Looking at using that, do you know how that would work? Or if that is a target market for Open Banking?

[00:09:40] Vince Howard

  • What else would you see as being the benefits for some of the smaller sort of crypto and DeFi platforms wallets/exchanges for getting into Open Banking? And what would they need to do to go about getting set up?

[00:12:39] Vince Howard

  • Would scaling internationally be something that Open Banking can work on?

[00:16:23] Vince Howard


Meet Vince Howard

Senior marketing professional with over 14 years of an exceptional digital campaign, social media, and content management experience.

Vince is currently the Senior Digital Marketing Lead at Open Banking — the Implementation Entity (OBIE) set up by the UK Competition and Markets Authority to create innovative technology (APIs), data standards, and the governance structures enabling the UK to implement Open Banking.

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Vince Howard

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