[WEBINAR] #CryptoExchanges: Government, Regulation, and Crime

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

In essence, crypto’s decentralised nature is a big draw. Which means that while digital money is the future, tougher regulations are need to be set to prevent it from being used for finance terrorism and money laundering… which by the way, is already happening.

For this reason, crypto exchanges around the world are required to comply with AML and CFT obligations. But what is the scope of regulatory clarity and where are we at that?

Alex Royle, Chief Compliance Officer and Head of Regulation at Archax together with Sachin Dutta, Chief Marketing Officer of Coinfirm shares their unique viewpoints on the topic and what they think is the key to bringing the industry together.

  • Where do you see regulation going? And what do you see is needed in how the regulator approaches, the outcomes that we would desire such as money laundering and crypto, for example?

[00:01:52] Alex Royle

[00:03:39] Sachin Dutta

  • Where do you see that sort of the risk of of stifling innovation coming in with with regulation? And can innovation be achieved here with regulatory barriers still sort of attached to traditional finance or what is needed?

[00:06:29] Alex Royle

[00:09:43] Sachin Dutta

  • How can jurisdiction or arbitrage be mitigated? What what do you see is the answer to that?

[00:13:03] Alex Royle

[00:13:23] Sachin Dutta

  • Would you say that having one regulator, one independent auditor and an industry standard is the answer?

[00:17:04] Sachin Dutta

[00:18:28] Alex Royle

  • Is there a role where partnerships with other organizations such as anti human trafficking network, for example, could play it? Is that the answer to reduce a lot of crime and and hopefully reduce the victims that are affected?

[00:22:01] Sachin Dutta

[00:24:10] Alex Royle


Meet Sachin Dutta

Responsible for go-to-market of Coinfirm’s Cryptoassets AML Platform. The SaaS offering has grown to over 100 clients across the globe including Binance, Crypto.com, Celsius, Cardano Foundation, Waves, CoinDCX, Bitexen, Hashdex and the Government of Gibraltar.

Retaining a team of AML and Forensics professionals who contribute to the evolving virtual asset money-laundering policies of government bodies, FIUs and regulators. Coinfirm is now one of the most trusted brands in the blockchain industry.

Since joining, he has helped scale Coinfirm’s Reclaim Crypto project to collect over 40k reports from victims of crypto fraud, totalling over $4bn in value. These flagged addresses help market participants and law enforcement to not trade with bad actors. Work continues building partnerships with police forces, legal, investigatory and recovery firms to help realize the return of stolen crypto.

Sach is a growth marketing evangelist, with over 15 years-experience launching, scaling, funding and exits. Prior work in Enterprise Technology includes GTM of ruggedized AR wearables for connected worker programs with Cisco, Ingram Micro, and Realwear. He also led growth for a B2B2C marketplace startup with Suzuki, Toyota & Ford achieving an exit through acquisition.

A passion for digital media he has worked with Youtube influencers, TV Personalities and held operational roles in Broadcast TV at the BBC.

Holding a degree in Mathematics & Economics from the London School of Economics, he began his career in Deloitte’s Chartered Accountancy program, conducting audits for Energy, Infrastructure & Utilities clients.

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Sachin Dutta

Meet Alex Royle

Alex is an expert in Fintech, innovation, disintermediation of financial services, breaking hegemony, and promoting better regulatory thinking. He is an experienced, solutions-focused compliance and regulatory specialist particularly focused on legitimising innovation within incumbent frameworks. Alex has a proven track record of achieving positive, complex regulatory outcomes and engaging effectively with paradigm-shifting structures. He is able to consider the bigger picture and quickly identify pain points for strategic mitigation. He has also successfully steered the authorisation and registration of the UK's first cryptoasset trading venue and VASP before scaling operations into launch.

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Alexander Royle

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