Sustainable Beer - How Blockchain is Bringing Transparency to Beer

Updated: May 31, 2021

We are joined by Shane McCarthy, CEO of Ireland Craft Beverages, founder of the world's first blockchain beer, Downstream Beers, as well as Ireland's smallest and truly sustainable whiskey distillery Killowen.

Shane shares with us how they are using technology, and specifically blockchain, to track their ingredients and supply chain to prove sustainability and quality throughout.

How they are currently integrating the GPAS integration, a blockchain technology allowing them to put secure and transparent information directly to the consumer.

How this would include the possibility of a Carbon hypothesis, replaying anything from water and electricity usage, malt use and any wastage in the product life cycle.

How this verification would enable them to provide all secure metadata to consumers, allowing consumers to take their own responsibility to verify and consume what they believe to be sustainable products.

Why he believes that the future of products & IoT becomes much more interesting when we can integrate a 'fair-trade' style system into smart, wearable technologies, allowing that ease of checking product ingredients, and moving away from the current beer label forms. What Shane believes is next for bringing sustainability into consumer buying decisions.

Shane also gives some tips and ideas for anyone wishing to integrate blockchain or sustainability into their drinks or food supply chain.


Meet Shane:

Shane McCarthy is CEO of Ireland Craft Beers and worked at bringing the World's first Blockchain beer to market,

Shane has co-founded a number of start-up businesses with passion and purpose at their heart, these include: Ireland Craft Beverages (True taste of Ireland, worldwide) Downstream Beers (Building trust through transparency) Killowen Whiskey Distillery (Sustainability at its heart, unicycling an old farmhouse, to what is now officially Ireland's smallest distillery)

He comes from a corporate background and notes: Favourite beer at the moment: Brehon Irish Stout Favourite Whiskey at the moment: Killowen Rum Cask Favourite Cocktail during isolation: Pisco Sour

Connect with Shane:



Visit Ireland Craft Beers:


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