Mitigating Potential Exposure with Crypto Insurance Companies In The UK

As the growth of digital assets carries on, it brings with it an increase in risk exposures resulting to reluctance that can be attributed to its still developing regulatory landscape.

To help address and mitigate your potential exposure, it's beneficial for companies to understand the risks and the options available to them. We've listed down some of the right insurance companies in the UK for your business to consider:

  1. AON

  2. Coincover

  3. Lloyds Bank

  4. Marsh

  5. Nexus Mutual

  6. Oxbow Partners

  7. Protean Risk

  8. Royds Withy King

  9. Superscript Enterprise

  10. Unslashed.Finance



  • Located in London, UK

  • Tel: 020 7623 5500

  • Aon is an enormous global company, providing a broad range of risk, retirement, and health solutions to their customers

  • Varying levels of support are commonly offered to these industries: Aerospace, Automotive, Construction Services, Cyber, and Energy & Mining

  • A large part of the business is centered around risk, with risk advisory, risk transfer, and structured solutions being offered in the blockchain space. Part of this risk transfer service involves crime and species insurance for the theft of digital assets, directors and officer’s liability, cyber liability insurance, and professional liability insurance

  • As well as this, they offer advocacy and capital management solutions to help re/insurers reduce volatility and build more resilient businesses, governments, and communities

  • Provides retirement, investment, and human capital solutions that help employers, fiduciaries, and investment officers manage risk

  • For the cryptocurrency world, in particular, Aon has a Digital Asset & Blockchain team of 30+ professionals that has been actively supporting their clients with digital asset risk since 2014

  • Aon has hosted numerous events to help educate its global insurance partners about digital assets



  • Based in Cardiff, Wales

  • Email:

  • Phone: 029 2000 3420

  • Safe and easy to integrate APIs

  • Dedicated insurance provider for businesses

  • Offers a specialist service for businesses and individuals in the blockchain and crypto space

  • Coincover claims to offer the best protection and security for crypto assets and that services like theirs can make cryptocurrency more consumer-friendly

  • Provides an API platform, identity-verified multi-person access control, offline key storage, next working day recovery, certificates of protection, and theft cover, giving clients a lot of reassurance

  • Coincover offers protection against crypto assets and trading, recovery of lost crypto funds, deposit protection guarantee, government-standard security protocols and access control, and more

  • With a team 17 people strong, this is one of the largest crypto-dedicated insurance companies

  • Boasts clients in government and military, indicating that they are among the highest for safety standards in the country


Lloyds Bank

  • Located in London

  • Phone: 020 7327 1000

  • Email:

  • Lloyds Bank offers a market for specialist insurance and reinsurance dedicated to protecting businesses, people, and communities - which includes the crypto industry

  • Managed by a combination of members and professional agents

  • Lloyds claims to ‘anticipate and understand risk through collective intelligence and risk-sharing expertise’, which allows them to offer an innovative form of insurance that protects users and provides excellent financial security

  • Their insurance and reinsurance policies (by syndicates) allow them to insure and underwrite risks for individuals or companies, not only in the cryptocurrency space, in fact, they support various industries such as property, casualty, marine, energy, motor, aviation, and finance

  • They are currently working on more crypto-insurance packages and policies, as can be read about here



  • Offices in many countries, with an HQ office in New York

  • Tel: +1212 345 5000

  • Marsh offers specialized risk transfer solutions tailored to the needs of companies operating in the blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and digital asset arena

  • Service areas include: Business, Finance, Insurance, Trade, Property, Fine Arts and Jewellers, and Precious Metals, and many more

  • Global professional services firm with businesses in insurance brokerage, risk management, reinsurance services, talent management, investment advisory, and management consulting.

  • Offers clients advice and solutions in risk, strategy and people

  • Marsh tailors a number of insurance services to their customer’s direct needs, such as:

  • Regulatory oversight

  • Compliance requirements

  • Security concerns about holding digital assets

  • Industry-specific service and infrastructure risks

  • Security claims

  • Technology risks


Nexus Mutual

  • Based in London

  • Phone: 07544 462152

  • Email:

  • Run by its members to create a dedicated insurance service for individuals, described as a ‘People-powered alternative to insurance’

  • Offers an alternative risk-sharing platform with a blockchain-based solution, so people can share risk without the need of an insurance company. This means that it is the members themselves who decide which claims are valid and should be followed up

  • Provides alternatives to insurance, legal rights to the pool of funds, membership rights, claims assessment, risk assessment, governance, and a public chain platform

  • Claims to allow individuals to efficiently transact directly with each other and therefore enables insurance entities to be replaced

  • For now, they offer smart contract cover, but in the near future we can expect to see crypto wallet cover as a service

  • In the next 3-5 years, innovations like these could be the norm


Oxbow Partners

  • Based in London

  • Phone: 0203 947 8620

  • Email:

  • Claims to help their clients grow through a number of services, such as:

  • Clear analysis and exceptional execution

  • Operational design and transformation

  • The design and implementation of cutting-edge technology strategies

  • Develop M&A strategies and provide due diligence

  • Oxbow Partners identifies the five main elements of the crypto value chain and their associated key players

  • Their key products are MAGELLAN™ (insurance technology navigator) and Market Intelligence (Data, analysis and tools for reinsurers and UK insurers)

  • Rather than offering insurance, they are more of a consulting and insight firm for the insurance industry, which a particular interest in cryptocurrency, though not as the main focus


Protean Risk

  • Based in London, UK

  • Phone: 020 3763 5340

  • Email:

  • Protean Risk is a risk management and digital asset insurance advisor dedicated to clients with cryptocurrency needs

  • This makes them an ideal insurance partner and a specialist insurer for the investment industry, as well as financial services, technology, fintech and payment services

  • Protean Risk helps clients understand and mitigate their risks and vulnerabilities, such as hacking, technical error, fraud, and more

  • Insurance services provided: crime insurance, financial service insurance (SME scheme), PSD2 insurance, private medical insurance, and more

  • Understands the issues and trends that affect clients and can advise on which insurers and wordings are most suited to their specific needs

  • By offering partnerships with some of the best insurance companies in the UK, they are able to combine their network and experience to provide excellent guidance and suggestions, helping clients get the best insurance provider for them


Royds Withy King

  • Tel: 0207 583 2222

  • Email:

  • Has offices in a few different cities in the UK

  • Pricing starts at 100 GBP

  • Works with many different sectors such as Charities, Financial, Health and Social, Leisure, Retail, and many more

  • Expertise working with individuals, businesses and large Industry sectors

  • Services and products offered for businesses in: Real estate, Commercial, Dispute resolution, Manufacturing and more

  • Services and products offered for Individuals in: Medical negligence, Inquests, Family law, Wealth protection and estate management, and Inheritance and trust disputes

  • Recently branched into digital asset protection, learn more here


Superscript Enterprise

  • Based in London, UK

  • Email:

  • Tel: 0333 772 0759

  • Insurance services include:

  • Blockchain and crypto insurance

  • Film and TV insurance

  • Fintech insurance

  • Internet of Things insurance

  • Medtech and eHealth insurance

  • PSD2 insurance Venture capital liability insurance

  • Professional indemnity insurance

  • Crime insurance

  • Cyber insurance (for hacks and data breaches)

  • Intellectual Property insurance

  • D&O insurance

  • Employers Liability insurance

  • Superscript Enterprise claims to develop the best insurance solution possible for each client, tailoring the package to their needs and whether they are at risk of theft, hackings, smart contract failures or any other novel threat

  • Provides FCA-authorised insurance for blockchain businesses and digital assets

  • Boasts partnerships with organisations and businesses across a variety of sectors

  • Supports many different industries such as Healthcare, Tech and Media, Retail, Beauty and Wellbeing, and many more



  • Based in London

  • Mobile app available

  • Contact the team through Telegram

  • Dedicated services for business and individuals in the crypto and blockchain world

  • An insurance protocol for blockchain risk, DAOs, and institutions

  • Unslashed Finance protects crypto assets and infrastructure from the inherent threats and risks in this industry

  • Claims to ensure constant collateralization, whilst guaranteeing transparency through an unbiased claims process

  • Unslashed offers coverage and protection for a wide range of products, markets, events, and protocols including smart contract failures, exchange hacks, wallet exploits, oracle malfunction, validator slashing, stablecoin pegs, and custody risk

  • In partnership with top-tier companies and institutions to provide an excellent service


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