Riding the Crypto Asset Management Wave

Investing in crypto assets has a steep learning curve and is definitely intimidating for beginners. And with the thousands of assets emerging nowadays, crypto asset managers are proving themselves the key to ease of use as it increasingly becomes essential and critical from the standpoint of investment policy and general investment advice.

There are hundreds of crypto asset managers globally, but here's a list of the most interesting ones for us:

  1. Crescent Crypto

  2. Crypto Global Management

  3. Digital Future Capital

  4. Fulcrum

  5. Insula Investments

  6. Kingsley Napley

  7. Nickel Digital

  8. Protos Management

  9. Ruffer


Crescent Crypto

  • Based in New Jersey, United States

  • Phone number: +1 201-630-0690

  • Email address: info@crescentcrypto.com

  • Crescent Crypto Asset Management offers a range of digital asset and crypto portfolio management services to help look after your cryptocurrencies and support your search for profits

  • The company's mission indicates that they would like to challenge the status quo and create a new standard for digital asset investing. They aim to do this by creating the most innovative investment platform in the digital asset space and maximising their dedication to delivering thoughtful, cost-efficient, and customizable investment solutions for all

  • The management of Crescent Crypto include a former Goldman Sachs investor and the head of a crypto-security firm, which should give some assurances to potential clients

  • They currently offer one fund: The Crescent Crypto Market Index Fund (the “Fund”) is a rules-based, passive investment strategy that tracks the performance of the Crescent Crypto Market Index, a basket of the largest and most liquid digital assets. The Fund employs a trailing 90-day average market-cap-weighted selection methodology that represents over 85% of the market cap of the investable cryptocurrency universe


Crypto Global Management

  • London based

  • Phone number: +44 (0)20 7205

  • Email address: info@cryptoglobalmanagement.com

  • Crypto Global Management offers a range of services, including cryptocurrency and digital asset management, as well as crypto portfolio management

  • Their team is made up of crypto and blockchain enthusiasts, who can provide in-depth knowledge about the market and exciting projects within the industry. Another mission is to help their clients to find good investment options that align with their objectives and beliefs

  • The management team have over 30 years of combined experience working in banking, finance, and technology, as well as boasting a specialist cyber-security division to protect the digital assets of their clients


Digital Future Capital

  • Registered as the first digital asset hedge fund in Scotland in June 2018

  • Digital Future Capital provides secure access to the growing cryptocurrencies and digital assets markets

  • Over the last few years, they have refined their own unique trading strategy and proprietary investment algorithm, which they call Nikolin, and make it available to their investors

  • Nikolin is the product of 2 years of intense research and development, mapping over 7,000 digital assets and their inverse correlations to traditional markets. They believe that this cryptographic knowledge will give them the power to turn data into gold

  • Digital Future Capital has set the lofty ambition of becoming the UK’s leading investment firm, in terms of performance, by 2023, empowering economic evolution along the way



  • Based in NY and London

  • Phone number: +44 (0) 207 016 6450

  • Email: ir@fulcrumasset.com

  • Fulcrum provides a range of digital asset services for institutional investors, private clients, and professional wealth managers

  • Their services are divided into five different sections: Macro & Multi-Asset, Risk Premia, Alternative Solutions, Thematic Equities and Responsible Investing

  • Fulcrum’s mission is to help their clients to achieve their investment objectives by delivering innovative solutions that exist at the frontier of financial research. This is achieved by encouraging responsible business behaviour as a firm and as an investment manager

  • With a team of over 25 experts from financial, legal, and investment backgrounds, Fulcrum is a well-managed business with its eyes set on becoming a key global player in cryptocurrency and digital asset investment

  • Research, theory, empirical evidence, and a modern approach allow Fulcrum to do their best work and have resulted in them having one of the best and fastest-growing reputations in this space. You can read more about the philosophy of the business right here


Insula Investments

  • Based in London and founded in 2018

  • Phone: +44 7 551 218 864

  • Email: jules.becci@insulainvestments.com

  • Insula offers alternative ways to hold crypto, giving their clients the opportunity to diversify into different coins, and presenting a broad selection of digital assets without having to do a lot of work or make many transactions

  • Insula is a subscription-based investment platform that comes with its own cryptocurrency token called ISLA

  • Their services include: secure investment products, instant investment and withdrawal, and Pro and Standard versions

  • Unlike many asset management companies, Insula is actually a self-custody platform, so you will be educated about how to look after your funds yourself (hint: it’s MetaMask)

  • Check out the investment platform and different funds here


Kingsley Napley

  • London based

  • Phone: +44 (0)20 7814 1200

  • Email: enquiries@kingsleynapley.co.uk

  • Kingsley Napley isn’t specifically a cryptocurrency asset management company, but that is something that they advise on. They’re better known for their legal and specialist services

  • The company has been running since 1937, mainly practising law, which makes them about 70 years older than cryptocurrency as a whole!

  • Their cryptocurrency offerings include commercial, regulatory, and criminal legal services to those in the UK crypto market

  • Kingsley Napley will be able to advise on control and ownership, tracing lost or stolen assets, fraud, valuation, using crypto investments to purchase a property, ICOs, and much, much more!


Nickel Digital

  • London based

  • Phone number: +44 20 7947 0300

  • Email address: institutional.advisors@nickel.digital

  • Nickel Digital’s online and cryptocurrency services primarily revolve around cryptocurrency investment management, offering their clients a number of digital asset strategy solutions, primarily with a focus on institutional investors who are well funded

  • They recognise that there is a gap between digital finance and traditional finance, and they’re trying to bridge that gap by providing help and advice about the risks, good housekeeping, and security of digital assets

  • Their main trading techniques are low-latency algorithmic trading, spot and derivative arbitrage, and directional buy-and-hold products. This means that it’s nothing too revolutionary, making it more relatable to investors who want to better understand what is happening to their invested money

  • There are four separate cryptocurrency funds, each of which is designed with institutional clients in mind

  • Market-Neutral Arbitrage Fund - Low but consistent results

  • Digital Gold Institutional Fund - Results more or less aligned with Bitcoin’s success

  • Nickel Digital Factors Fund - Highest risk and volatility strategy

  • Digital Leaders Altcoin Fund - Research intensive and highly attractive to cryptocurrency enthusiasts who want to reap the rewards of fledgling projects


Protos Management

  • Switzerland based

  • Email: info@protosmanagement.com

  • Recently acquired by DeFi Technologies - Wouter Witvoet, DeFi Technologies Chief Executive Officer, said: "Since 2017, the team at Protos have created excellent infrastructure to give institutional and individual investors access to a diversified DeFi portfolio. They were also pioneers in allowing investors to access their quantitative investment strategies via the PRTS security token. It is these kinds of developments that I am excited to bring to the DeFi Technologies family and get to real scale using the platform we have created"

  • Protos Management aims to minimise the risks of cryptocurrency trading whilst helping to grow their clients’ portfolios, using Bitcoin and Ethereum as benchmarks

  • The founding team have been involved in the Bitcoin and crypto world for a combined 18 years, and the founder was here right at the start, being one of the first Ethereum ICO investors

  • Protos launched the PRTS token, one of the world’s first crypto security tokens, back in 2017. This tokenized their quantitative crypto fund, providing a very innovative service that caught a lot of attention

  • Their services include asset management services, a financial advisory firm, investment banking, and more niche blockchain services

  • Investments take place in both CeFi and DeFi spaces, though their services are exclusively for the institutional space, having served just 300 customers in over 4 years of business



  • Based in London, Edinburgh and Paris, Hong Kong, and Guernsey

  • Phone

  • +44 (0)20 7963 8100 London

  • +44 (0)131 202 1602 Edinburgh

  • +33 (0)1 88 45 02 54 Paris

  • Email: ruffer@ruffer.co.uk

  • Ruffer aims to deliver consistent positive returns regardless of what happens in the financial markets. For example, investors were impressed in 2021 when the company made over £1.1 billion in profit on Bitcoin trading, despite the high volatility and price correction that took place during that time

  • They have been offering investment products in the UK and internationally since 1994, and are rated A+, A, and A by the Principle for REeponsible Investment

  • As well as fund and asset management, advisory, and planning, Ruffer offers a range of other useful services for individuals, institutions, personal funds, charities, and more

  • There’s a very interesting opinion piece from Duncan Macinnes, Ruffer’s Investment Director, regarding cryptocurrency - that can be read here


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