Finclusion 2021 Hackathon Starts 1 Dec

As part of Finclusion 2021, the national campaign to inspire tech-enabled solutions to financial exclusion challenges, Tech Nation’s Fintech Delivery Panel invites you to participate in this socially-purposed Hackathon with a mission.

Powered by NayaOne, it is a unique opportunity to help solve real-world problems which so many people face everyday. The UK has been at the forefront of financial innovation, but we need to make sure no one is excluded or left behind, particularly as COVID-19 has only magnified the challenges of vulnerability and financial exclusion.

Join us to connect with others across the fintech ecosystem and to build the financially inclusive solutions of the future. Who knows who you might end up working alongside, it could be your future customer, colleague, or even co-founder.

In the spirit of inclusion, we ask that you give the time you can spare from 2 hours as a mentor to the full 2 days as a participant, all are welcome. You can sign up alone or as part of a team, if you have any requests let us know.

The Challenges

  1. Coping with cancer: How can we better help individuals manage the financial impact of a cancer diagnosis and treatment?

  2. Preventing the poverty premium: How do we ensure people can access insurance without paying more due to where they can afford to live?

How to get involved?

  1. Be a Finclusion Builder - This hackathon is open to anyone from anywhere over the age of 18

  2. Be a Finclusion Mentor - We are looking for skilled experts to guide teams and steer our talented players

Please share this with your networks as it will really help us to maximise the positive impact we could make. We have some fantastic industry participants and charity partners ready to set the scene and support the event, and would be delighted if you were able to join us on 1-2 December to tackle the Finclusion Challenge!

To register and for more details on the challenges and event agenda visit >>

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