LEON and Their Drive to Sustainability

How food chain LEON are leading the way to be sustainable and the technologies they are looking at - with their Head of Sustainability

Kirsty Saddler, Head of Sustainability at Leon joins us to speak about how the brand is making changes and looking at new technologies in their drive to be sustainable. This is rare for a fast-food chain who have to make decisions to balance price and sustainability.

Kirsty speaks on the LEON view on how we can all rediscover our right relationship with ourselves, each other and food, and how tech can support that. Some of this will be about what LEON are up to, some of it will be about the industry and the systemic opportunities for change.

When LEON began 16 years ago, we were referred to as the future of fast food and now more than ever everyone needs to work out what the future of food is, as agriculture is one of the biggest contributors to the climate crisis, yet can be one of the most hopeful paths out of it. So I look forward to exploring some of that with you and proposing some solutions.


Meet Kirsty:

Over the last 18 or so years Kirsty has worked in creative communications agencies in London and New York, helping develop brands like Sony, BBC Radio 1 & Audi and launch brands like Radio 1Xtra, Grazia magazine and Surf detergent, as a Strategy Director at Fallon, Anomaly and BBH where she was Head of Strategy. Kirsty also spent time in between working at Save the Children, studying for an MSc in Sustainability and launching vegan cookie dough brand Humbledough. Kirsty believes that business can and must have a positive impact, not least because operating sustainably and doing good, is also good for business. She first joined LEON restaurants in 2015 as Brand & Marketing Director and after an 18month hiatus rejoined earlier this year as Sustainability & Values Director.

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