"I will find you" -Tracking & Tracing Crypto Hackers

Crypto Hacks, Crypto in Cybercrime and stories of some of the latest track and trace methods used to uncover crypto hacks.

Last month alone, we saw Garmin pay hackers $10 million in crypto to regain control of their systems, Ledger hardware wallet lost the personal information of 1 million users to an unknown hacker and even Twitter suffered a catastrophic ‘god mode’ attack.

"The logical move from the introduction of bitcoin, is to go short suitcases," - Warren Buffet.

Cash is no longer king if you wish to quickly extort, hack or transfer wealth from criminal activities.

Pawel Kuswowski, CEO of Coinfirm, a leading authority in Anti-Money Laundering, gives us his unique insight into the tools and practices being deployed by financial institutions and exchanges to prevent fraud taking place on their turf.

We’ll be covering:

  • Changes to AML requirements for crypto and how they impact crypto-related businesses

  • Follow the money...the methods used to track and block some of Crypto’s most outlandish hacks

  • Mixers, privacy coins and the common methods deployed by hackers to cash out Can DEFI ever be taken seriously without KYC/AML precautions?

  • CBDC and stablecoins and effective risk management

Pawel’s war stories are second to none.


Meet Pawel Kuswowski:

Paweł is a recognized authority on compliance issues in the cryptocurrency space.

He is an ex-Global Head of AML of Royal Bank of Scotland, and earlier had a similar role at UBS.

Pawel’s an expert in compliance and anti-money laundering (AML), with extensive experience conducting global projects for international financial institutions and working with supervisory authorities.

He’s a sought-after speaker who has appeared at top industry conferences including COMPLY2018 in New York, TokenMarket Gibraltar and StartupGrind Europe; His views are regularly featured in media such as Bloomberg, City AM or Financial times, he was profiled by Forbes and is a regular contributor there. He is also the Chairman of the Compliance Association of Poland and a member of the advisory board of the International Compliance Association.

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