How UK Property Transactions Are Being Put On Blockchain

UK property market on blockchain - how this could work, and what this means for buying and selling property and construction with John Reynolds, COO of UK blockchain proptech Coadjute.

How Coadjute is digitally connecting the UK property market. Coadjute is a blockchain property technology business headquartered in London. Their open network is designed to cut the cost and increase the speed of property transactions by connecting the businesses that power property market operations. Over the last 18 months, we have conducted trials with over 40 leading businesses in the property industry, and they are due to launch the network in the UK later in 2020. Find out more on

Coadjute started as a research project, and then successfully won a prestigious contract with HM Land Registry as the delivery partner to their Digital Street project, building POCs to demonstrate how DLT can make the property buying and selling process faster, simpler and cheaper. Following this tremendous milestone with the UK Government, they delivered a corda global distributed application for buying and selling properties which was tested by 40 companies across 20 counties and featured in Bloomberg.


Meet John Reynolds:

John Reynolds, Coadjute COO has written extensively on how enterprise blockchains can transform marketplaces and is a recognised through-leader and speaker at conferences, having spoken at events including UK Parliament, Singapore Cordacon and World Bank Land and Poverty conference, chairing the blockchain sessions.

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