Investing In Sustainability And In The Circular Economy- What A Venture Fund Looks For

Asen Kostadinov, Research Manager from MMC Ventures will share why as a fund they have decided to venture into sustainable and circular economy investments, how this has worked out for them financially, what they look for in the sustainable companies they invest in and what they see as the next trends in business and retail for circular economy.

Asen goes into:

  • Why choose to invest in sustainable and circular economy companies?

  • How recycling and extending the life of products boost a company’s bottom line, and the benefits of investing in these technologies?

  • What trends they see with other companies looking to partner with companies offering sustainable or circular economy solutions?

  • What type of companies they have chosen to invest in in this space, and why?

  • When looking at companies to invest in, what do you look for?


Meet Asen Kostadinov:

Asen has four years experience as an equity research analyst at Barclays where he focused on European Media, Internet and Video Gaming companies. Asen is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charterholder. Prior to entering Finance, Asen was an aerospace engineer at Airbus’ Flight Physics division.

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