Archax- The UK's First FCA Regulated Digital Securities Exchange

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Everything will be tokenised’ - The UK’s first FCA Regulated digital securities exchange - live chat with Archax.

Liquidity, liquidity, liquidity! There are over 20 million SME’s across Europe yet only 3000 or so listed on a stock exchange and with access to public capital. Private securities often suffer from a lack of liquidity.

Heavily reliant on intermediaries (brokers, transfer agents, depositories, clearinghouses), costs can become excessive, settlement times drawn out and counterparty risks too great for institutional investors.

How does blockchain change this? And why aren’t we on the blockchain already? Archax is the first UK FCA regulated digital securities exchange for growth stage SME’s. Graham Rodford (CEO) and Simon Barnby (CMO) join us to discuss:

  • Why we need an institutional-grade digital securities exchange?

  • What are the major differences between Archax and the existing solutions?

  • With new US-based digital security exchanges fledgeling, what makes Archax’s approach different?

  • What are the types of offerings we will first see listed?

  • How is the exchange built and what were the major hurdles in receiving the licence from the FCA?


Meet Graham Rodford:

Graham is a qualified accountant, with over 20 years’ experience in financial services. Prior to Archax, Graham was COO, CCO and Partner of Omni Partners, a $1.4billion hedge fund based in London, where he was responsible for all operational activities and compliance.

Before Omni, Graham held several senior operational, finance and compliance roles in the asset management and banking space, including HSBC, Caliburn Capital, Leo Fund Managers and Coutts Bank.

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Meet Simon Barnby:

Simon is an internationally experienced executive, having worked for both entrepreneurial start-ups as well as US and UK headquartered global corporates. Has spent the majority of his career in senior marketing, commercial and management roles within the FinTech space. Possesses strong business acumen coupled with excellent entrepreneurial, motivational, management and communications/presentation skills, and has a track record of proven delivery against targets. Currently working in the crypto/blockchain/ICO/STO/digital asset


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