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Aave: The Rise of DeFi and Tokenomics 2.0

Aave: The rise of DeFi and Tokenomics 2.0- Yield farming, flash loans, bonding curves, IDOs, crypto lending - what do these terms even mean! With Marc Zeller from Aave.

The decentralised finance (DeFi) sector is growing at a considerable pace with over $4bn of assets locked across open protocols.

The vision is to shift traditional financial products to a decentralised world and remove unnecessary intermediaries and cost. But is this truly feasible and what are the risks?

Aave is one of the hottest protocols in the space and Marc gives his unique perspective on the current market and challenges ahead. This covers:

  • Yield farming, flash loans, bonding curves, IDO’s and what the hell these terms mean?

  • Some of DeFi’s most interesting use cases and the Aave protocol

  • Hacks! Or more specifically exploits.

  • What are some of the major issues facing DeFi protocols?

  • Are users actually coming?

  • Incentive tokens are driving large volumes across protocols, but will the users stay?

  • EIP 1559 and the affect this might have on DeFi?

  • Aavenomics - Swap from LEND to Aave reducing tokens from 1.3bn to 16m. What's legal? The grey areas of De-fi and where it's going to get tough for regulators and companies alike.

  • The hottest area of blockchain with arguably the most advanced protocol in the space.


Meet Marc Zeller:

Marc is the Integrations Lead at Aave. Zeller has been involved in the Ethereum community since 2015 and co-founded the education non-profit, Ethereum France. At Aave, a decentralised, non-custodial money market protocol, his job is to make life easier for third party developers building on Aave.

Connect with Marc:

Visit Aave:

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