Crypto Taxes - All You Need To Know If You Trade Crypto

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

We're joined by Dennis Wohlfarth, Co-Founder of crypto accounting firm Accointing answering 101 questions on how a UK Crypto trader can get a tax report filed before the 31st deadline.

This was a live chat with many questions posed! Some of the things that they spoke and answered questions about:

1. How to report your crypto taxes in the UK with a crypto tax tool

2. Considerations and preparation

3. Walkthrough on the crypto tax reporting process

4. Classification of transactions based on HMRC and tax methodology

5. Generating a crypto tax report for HMRC


Meet Dennis Wohlfarth:

Dennis Wohlfarth is the co-founder of Accointing. A German, 27-year-old, Ph.D. candidate in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Stuttgart that loves German cars, beers, dogs & project management.

Dennis is your usual German stereotype except for two things: my love for shrimp avocado tacos and cryptocurrency taxes.

Connect with Dennis:




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