Infinite Scroll - Breaking Big Tech’s Hold of Our Attention

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

The internet was founded on the ideals of freedom, democratisation of information and making it easier to stay in touch and interact with loved ones.

However, just a handful of tech companies now dominate the battle for our attention, increasingly adept at using our data to influence the next click, purchase, or even how we vote. We are now glued to a screen on average 11 hours a day (Nielsen).

With increasing research detailing increased anxiety, depression, lack of self-esteem and reduced attention spans, is it time to push back against big tech’s current practices?


Meet Robert Wigley:

Robert is the Chairman of UK Finance where I represent the UK Banking and Finance sector with HM Government and regulators. I spent 25 years in the banking industry, latterly as the Chairman of Merrill Lynch for Europe, the Middle East and Africa and as a Court Member of the Bank of England during the Global Financial Crisis. I back growth businesses and aim to meet a new Generation Z entrepeneur every weekday.

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