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The History And Future Of Vertical Farming With Lite & Fog

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

In this webinar, Martin Peter shares a summary of the last 10 years of indoor agriculture from Japan to Ohio.

  • What are the best systems?

  • What about energy consumption?

  • Why not a greenhouse?

  • Why the fuss?

  • Isn't it all too expensive and isn't the sun free?

The usual facts about there soon being about 10 billion people on the planet, some ideas and practicalities on how on earth we can feed all these people, and vertical farming has to offer Lite+Fog is a Berlin StartUp, combining early-stage agri-tech innovations with the latest findings of research institutes.


Meet Martin Peter:

As Co-Founder and CEO of Lite+Fog, Martin connects and implements early-stage technologies into the latest of indoor agriculture.

Lite+Fog brings predictability to farming and provides farmers with adaptive technologies to counter changing environments.

It’s about clean, easy and locally produced food, for restaurants, markets and even for the home.

Lite+Fog is here to make this exciting industry 4 times more efficient and many times closer to the customers. Cutting the value chain and scaling in a rigid, and slow-paced surrounding.

Connect with Martin:

Visit Lite+Fog


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