How to Start a Bank: Mark Hipperson, Co-Founder Starling Bank & Ziglu Bank

Updated: May 31, 2021

We are joined by Mark Hipperson, co-founder of Starling Bank and founder of new crypto challenger bank Ziglu on 'How to Start a Bank'.

Mark shares answers to the much-asked question of how to start a bank - or an EMI, how to go about getting a license, raising funds, building a bank from zero to 1 and the challenges along the way. He will also tell you why he's now starting a crypto bank after a career in traditional finance, and why he thinks this is the future of banking.


Meet Mark:

Mark Hipperson co-founded and was the CTO of Starling Bank where he designed and built the bank's technology platform that now supports over a million customers. He was also responsible with the founding team for raising the funding and obtaining the banking license. He started his career at Barclays where he was Head of Technology for the group for over 10 years, before leaving to found and sell his first fintech business.

Mark is now the Founder and CEO of Ziglu, a new crypto-friendly challenger based on the latest banking technology. This is his second e-money licensed fintech he has run.

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