12 Ways to Give your Business Brand Exposure & get in Front of your Targets

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

We are joined by Richard Norton, founder of Tiny Giant Marketing Agency. Richard is an expert in using tech to create free and innovative marketing - he's behind some of the most innovative marketing and attention-grabbing campaigns in the UK today.

CAN I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION: 12 awesome ideas to give your business brand exposure and get you in front of your target customers.

He suggests a myriad of ways (highly likely to be more than 12) on how not to disappear amid the white noise of pandemic prose.

He looks at how some companies have gone viral in this time and why some others have used Coronavirus to catastrophically ruin their brand image, suggest creative paths into what comes next and look at new ways to engage and inspire your audience.

There’s never been a better time to shake it marketing, get your brand noticed, your company's voice heard and use this time to get your brand in front of your target customer. He focuses on the latest forms of social media and attention-grabbing methods that any individual or company can employ, that don't necessarily cost any money but just some tips about how best to use them.

Richard is part of the team behind the world's first AI gin, as well as an expert in teaching companies to appeal to and engage with all ages through everything from Snapchat filters to live video.


Meet Richard:

Richard Norton aka Norts is a creative technologist and co-founder of award-winning Bristol marketing tech startup Tiny Giant. Norts began his accidental marketing/advertising career in 1994. Since then, he has worked on three continents as a copywriter and Creative Director. In his time, he has won lots of glittering industry baubles and had a lot of different client experiences. He started life as a musician. The whole event will last an hour, Richard's talk will be 45 minutes followed by the chance to ask questions.

Connect with Richard:


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