Using HR: How Organisations Can Leverage Data Analytics to Grow Profits

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

We are joined by HR expert Matt Burns on how companies can use the data they already have available to them to drive profit, scale, streamline their operations and in a marketing capacity to promote their businesses. People are unique. Though when grouped together in meaningful numbers, we can glean incredible insights that inform important organisational decisions. From identifying the best talent to hire, to how best to engage, inspire and retain them. The results are proven and the cultural implications (employee satisfaction levels) are indisputable. Despite this, there remains a large gap between opportunity and solution. Still today, many organisations do not have a reliable source of people analytics. Other companies have all the data, but don't know how best to use it to their advantage. Matt shares some examples of architecting, leading and deploying people analytics strategies inside several multinational organisations, and give tips on how this can be replicated by smaller businesses of all sizes. Matt shares his 3 best tactics to convert analytics into action inside any organisation, touching on how neuroscience, psychology and practicality all play a part He touches on:

  • The new sources of data and analytics tools available in HR and how companies can take advantage of them

  • The link between psychology and accountability- why analytics are most-effectively deployed to illuminate opportunities, not punish non-compliance

  • How to ensure the data is analysed and deployed ethically

  • How companies can blend Marketing & HR Strategies to Become More Profitable Remote Leadership and team motivation in the time of coronavirus.


Meet Matt:

Matt’s 20-year journey has taken him around the world, supporting organisations in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia & South America. Previously, Matt led an HR team recognised in 2018 as the ‘Canadian HR Team of the Year - Retail / Hospitality’, on the heels of their 2017 award for: ‘Most Innovative Use of HR Technology’. Now as Founder & Chief Innovation Officer of BentoHR,

Matt’s advancing his vision that digital transformation can (and should) be simple, supporting organisations by intentionally integrating strategy, technology and analytics to enhance their performance. Matt sits on several Boards globally, providing counsel on strategy, innovation and culture. He’s a frequent conference speaker, including recent events in New York City, Copenhagen, and Zurich, and has worked and shared his content with companies including `Unicef, Forbes and LinkedIn. Matt hosts the Thinking Inside the Box podcast.

Connect with Matt:



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