[UPCOMING WEBINAR] How NFTs are expanding the DeFi ecosystem

Philipp Pieper and Timo Lehes, Swarm Markets,

19th August 2021

2pm BST

Live 90-minute webinar

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How can NFTs expand the DeFi ecosystem?

Philipp Pieper and Timo Lehes are serial entrepreneurs who have extensive experience in both Silicon Valley and traditional financial markets. They’ve both successfully grown and exited a series of tech and financial service companies before getting involved in crypto in 2014.

In 2021, they launched Swarm Markets, the first BaFin-regulated DeFi exchange aimed at both retail and institutional traders.

In this complimentary webinar, Philipp and Timo will discuss:

  • how RegDeFi will solve the crypto market’s liquidity problem by bringing in capital that’s been sat on the sidelines for too long

  • how you can use NFTs to provide instant tradeability and new ‘legos’ for the DeFi market - their place in your trading strategy

  • how NFTs can be used to satisfy the demand to trade real-world stocks and assets that meet regulatory requirements

  • why creating your own marketplace will signify true liberation from traditional markets - do more with your idle collateral.

Replay will be made available.

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Meet Philipp and Timo

Philipp Pieper is a serial entrepreneur who has successfully built and exited a series of tech companies. He has advised on a series of projects, including Mozilla, eKomi and Qwiki, which was acquired by Yahoo!. He has a background in capital markets, having worked for Deutsche Bank and holds degrees from Technische Universität Berlin and Berkeley, University of California.

Timo Lehes is an entrepreneur and FinTech and Blockchain Investor. Selected exits include AdTech company, Admetam virtualisation management software business, Witsbits, and online surveillance tech solution, MindMancer. Lehes also has experience as a fund manager, running the US arm of Chalmers Innovation Capital and worked as an M&A advisor at Logan-Orviss/Azure. He holds a Masters degree in computer science and data communication from Chalmers University of technology.


Swarm Markets - the first BaFin-regulated DeFi platform

Swarm Markets adds a compliance wrapper for DeFi trading for both retail and institutional market participants. The platform will integrate new capital, market participants and assets so that, for the first time, tokenized securities can be traded alongside crypto assets in one regulated and liquid environment.

One of the biggest barriers to mainstream institutional crypto adoption is regulation, which requires verification of counterparties. Swarm Markets aims to address this with AML and KYC protocols typical to regulated platforms, allowing all participants to be verified, removing counterparty risk, whilst remaining private.

Swarm Markets transaction protocol uses smart contracts that will give rise to more trading pairs and ‘legos’. Asset holders can be creative with their trading strategies whilst retaining full custody of their collateral.

Through our licenced protocol, asset holders will have the freedom to tokenize assets and do more with idle collateral, bringing more assets onto the Blockchain and helping to expand the current DeFi ecosystem by 10-100X.

Swarm Markets operates on the following provisional licenses under the German Banking Act (KWG) provided to Swarm Capital GmbH: Commission Business; Agent Broking; Trading on own account; and Custodian Business.

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