Startup Accelerators You Need To Know About

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Some dawning startups, cold boot their way, some are lucky to find an angel investor, and some... run to accelerators and incubators.

Because when you're testing assumptions, and are looking to transform your innovative ideas into real-world solutions, being open to new opportunities and having access to mentors is considered priceless.

Below's a list of the accelerators worth looking into:

  1. Accelerator Academy

  2. Barclays Accelerator by Techstars

  3. Celo Camp

  4. Coinsilium

  5. Filecoin Launchpad Accelerator - Tachyon

  6. Founders Factory

  7. London and Partners

  8. Now Sprint!

  9. Outlier Ventures: Base Camp

  10. Seedcamp Accelerator

  11. Startup Bootcamp Fintech

  12. Wayra UK


Accelerator Academy

  • Location: London

  • Preparing startups for the Blockchain world

  • Duration: 12 weeks

  • Financial support: Up to £500k in seed investment

  • Accelerator programme delivered in partnership with The Accelerator Network

  • Support: Training, mentoring, networking, access to capital, shared protocol information and intelligence, cutting-edge technology and branding, and access to investors and strategic partners

  • Delivered 3 times per year, supporting 10 businesses (maximum) each time


Barclays Accelerator by Techstars

  • Locations: London, New York, Tel Aviv

  • Accelerator programme: 3 months

  • Financial support: Up to $120,000

  • Support includes: Access to exclusive data and technology, dozens of meetings with mentors, CEOs and influencers, and free co-working space

  • Apply here


Celo Camp

  • ‘Receive funding to build your blockchain project’

  • Location: Online

  • Accelerator programme: 8 weeks

  • Celo runs an impressive virtual accelerator boot camp with incubation and mentorship included. It starts with 250 potential projects that are whittled down over the course of 8 weeks, giving funding to the best and brightest projects with the biggest future potential

  • Financial support: $30,000 (in cUSD)

  • Backed by the success of Celo wallet

  • Apply for the camp here



  • Locations: London, Gibraltar, Singapore

  • Industries: Blockchain, Open Finance, and Crypto Finance

  • Founded: 2014

  • In 2015, Coinsilium became the first Blockchain company to list on the stock exchange

  • The first accelerator in Europe dedicated to crypto and blockchain startups, self-described as a crypto venture builder

  • Funding and support vary depending on the project

  • Contact Coinsilium here


Filecoin Launchpad Accelerator - Tachyon

  • Location: 100% remote

  • Financial support: $80k per team

  • Accelerator duration: 3 months

  • Building interoperable, open, and programmable tools for the distributed and decentralized web

  • IFPS, Filecoin, and Ethereum technology startups accepted into the accelerator

  • Offers: funding, mentorship, benefits, fundraising support, programming support, and a demo day to introduce the startup to investors


Founders Factory

  • Location: London

  • Accelerator programme: 6 months

  • Founders: Brent Hoberman ( and Henry Lane Fox (Founders Forum Group)

  • Financial support: £30,000 in exchange for 7% equity

  • Other support: More than 100 experts and mentors available for direct support, product and design expertise, advice on fundraising, as well as actionable information about growth talent, utilising data, growing partnerships, and more

  • Corporate partners include: Aviva, M&S, Easyjet, L’Oréal

  • Industries: Media-Tech, Beauty Tech, Travel, Edtech, FinTech, and AI

  • Yearly take-in: Five early-stage businesses per sector (30 total) each year

  • Apply here


London and Partners

  • Location: London

  • Business growth (accelerator) programme: 3 months

  • Financial support: None offered

  • Free support: Your person business growth insider, corporate engagement, workshops, events, mentoring scheme, and local business support

  • Aimed at London startups with 3+ employees and less than £40m turnover

  • Founded in 2017 and has helped over 900 businesses since then

  • Apply here


Now Sprint!

  • Location: Urla, Izmir, Izmir, Turkey

  • Accelerator programme: 4 weeks

  • Founder: Patrick Bosteels

  • Pricing: Free until the end of 2021 (One team member: USD 1200 | Second team member of the same project: 800 USD | Third team member of the same project: 600 USD)

  • Other support: Mentors are involved face to face or online based on the needs we define together. They can join at any stage in the program after the 2nd week.

  • 2 workshops per week after business hours. Each workshop will take a maximum of 3 hours in the most interactive way possible. All workshops will be given in English and you can expect homework.

  • Founded in 2020

  • Corporate partners include: Ion Village, NetOP Technology, Dua Partner Invest, Manatee Mentor etc.

  • Apply here


Outlier Ventures: Base Camp

  • ‘Accelerating The Open Metaverse: New Data Economy + DeFi + NFTs’

  • Location: Remote for the early stages

  • Accelerator programme: 3 months

  • Financial support: $50,000 in exchange for 6% equity and tokens at the start, and up to $200,000 in available funding per team throughout the entire project

  • Other financial support: a repayable advance of $30,000 for set-up and legal costs, to be paid back through fundraising proceeds

  • Support: Legal, back-office, and startup support from world-class developers and venture partners, representing some of the biggest names and most ambitious projects in the Web 3 space. Selected projects will also receive mentorship, hub services, and domain expertise

  • Access to an investor and mentor ecosystem

  • Success stories include: Polkadot, Chainlink, Cosmos, Ocean Protocol, and Brave

  • Currently looks for startups in DeFi, NFT, New Data

  • Apply or indicate interest here


Seedcamp Accelerator

  • Location: London

  • Over 380 businesses have already completed the programme, including the largest success stories: Revolut, TransferWise, Hopin, and UiPath. Collectively these businesses are now worth tens of billions of pounds

  • Financial support: Pre-seed investment

  • Support: Tools, resources, financial muscle, access to investors, access to a strong talent pool, workshops and one-to-one sessions, brand and marketing support, design and product support, and more

  • The Seedcamp Nation is something like alumni of the programme, with more than 1,000 founders who engage in thought leadership, events, and more


Startup Bootcamp Fintech

  • Locations: London, Amsterdam, Mexico City, Mumbai

  • Accelerator programme: 3-6 months (in London)

  • Strategic partners: Mastercard, Lloyds Bank, PwC, and more

  • Key industries: Blockchain, Mobile security, Robo advisory, Financial inclusion, KYC/AML, SME solutions

  • Financial support: €15,000 cash per team and free office space in Shoreditch

  • Other support: Gain access to a network for FinTech startups with over 100 mentors, as well as access to an investment network with unmeasurable value. Receive perks and discounts, masterclasses, industry events, FinTech APIs and more

  • More than 20 accelerator programmes available


Wayra UK

  • Founded in 2011 in Edinburgh and now based in 10 different countries, the main Wayra UK hubs are in London, Milton Keynes, and Oldham

  • Support: Access to networks, capital, and corporations. Use the free office space provided in their stylish academy, and gain access to mentors, coaches, and masterclasses, as well as being able to leverage Telefónica’s 350 million customers

  • ‘If you have a business that will change the world, Wayra UK will help you scale’

  • Financial support: Up to £250,000

  • Industries: Blockchain, AI

  • Read more and apply here


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