Overheard In Crypto - Rumours And What's Really Happening In Crypto In Europe

An interactive discussion with Amsterdam based Crypto Fund Icoinic Capital going into industry trends heard around international crypto circles and from the trading floors of the Amsterdam Stock exchange.

Arthur Stolk and Erin Grover will go into what they've heard that's really happening on the frontier of cryptocurrency. This includes the current state of trading, the effects of regulation, the global integration of digital currencies and where we all fit in.


Meet Arthur Stolk:

Arthur Stolk is one of the founders of Icoinic Capital, the first digital asset fund to trade at the historic Amsterdam stock exchange. Icoinic Capital is an investment firm committed to generating exceptional returns for investors through a diversified range of crypto asset portfolios with a long-term investment horizon.

His long-standing background in IT, finance and Bitcoin enables him to monitor and translate market movements with a level-headed and passionate approach. His dedication to best practices, including compliance, third-party auditing and regular reporting supports investors with trusted exposure to this exciting new asset class.

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Meet Erin Grover:

Erin Grover is a brand ambassador for Icoinic, the first Digital Asset Fund of The Netherlands that also includes algorithmic trading. Icoinic manages to combine experienced traditional traders with young crypto specialists and developers with knowledge in all topics relating to investment in and trading of crypto assets. This unique composition of experts from various fields provides Icoinic with a competitive advantage in this young but vibrant market.

Her specialty is in crypto asset management, crypto funds and algorithmic trading. She connects investors to blockchain based hedge funds and traders, providing guidance, transparency and reassurance typically found in traditional investment firms, affording clients easy access to the investment potential of cryptocurrency.

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