[WEBINAR] Koii.Network and Their Experience with Outlier Ventures' Accelerator Program

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Starting a business is one thing, having support, funding, and direction's another. For startups, there is always a steep learning curve and with so much at stake, no wonder founders are constantly walking on eggshells.

If you are a startup founder who’s still in doubt about whether an accelerator program is the right route, Koii Network Founder, and former Outlier Ventures’ Accelerator Program participant, Al Morris takes you through his journey on what it’s like during and after the program.

What is an accelerator program and will it really help your startup have that competitive edge?

  • Tell us about yourself and what Koii Network does.

[00:00:54] Al Morris

  • How long did it take for you to get from having 3 to now 30 people?

[00:02:48] Al Morris

  • How was it working with the mentors from the base camp? What kind of people have you met?

[00:05:10] Al Morris

  • What kind of people have you seen getting on in Koii Network — is it die hard traditional crypto users or people coming from other avenues?

[00:08:40] Al Morris

  • Are you looking at joining any other sort of accelerators or partnership programs?

[00:09:32 ] Al Morris

  • For anyone who hasn’t been through an accelerator, what aspects of the base camp have been the most useful?

[00:10:54] Al Morris

  • What's next for you guys?

[00:12:13] Al Morris


Meet Al Morris

Alexander Morris is the Founder of Koi DAO. Building a better internet with decentralized media. He is also Advisor at XYZ Technologies, producing fully user-tested MVPs and Prototypes for tech startups and intrapreneurs alike.

Formerly, Interim CTO at keyTango, Co-Founder of Blockchain Institute Chicago.

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