Crypto Mining Giants Supporting The Crypto Ecosystem

We buy and sell coins but rarely do we think about how that coin even came about. Unlike Euros or US Dollars that are regularly printed, digital assets are mined. Companies like the ones listed below solve cryptographic equations using expensive software and a massive computer system on a blockchain network and adding them to a distributed ledger.

If you're curious to know more about the companies from all over the world doing crypto mining, read on.

  1. AntPool

  2. Binance Pool

  3. BitFury

  4. BTCChina Pool

  5. BW Pool

  6. Coingecko

  7. F2Pool

  8. Genesis Mining

  9. Slush Pool

  10. TradeBlock



  • AntPool is a mining pool based in China and owned by Bitmain, which is a mining hardware and semiconductor company headquartered in Beijing

  • The mining pool itself was launched in 2014, barely a year after Bitmain first began operating in Q1 2013

  • AntPool mines about 14% of all blocks, while the parent company claims that its technology accounts for 56% of global Bitcoin miners

  • The platform also claims to be the largest Cloud Miner in the world

  • AntPool provides an array of tools and services, including its mobile app V5.0 for mining support, multi-account management and wallet address mining

  • There’s also the APMinerTool V1.0.11, which essentially serves as monitoring software for mining farms

  • The platform also supports various earnings modes, while allowing for automatic settlement and transparent payouts each day. You can also access real-time mining data updates across the board

  • You can learn more here


Binance Pool

  • Binance launched its own mining pool in April 2020, with a view to supporting both the world’s leading mining algorithms (namely Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Work)

  • Binance Pool is one of the fastest-growing pools of its type in the global market, while it perfectly compliments the platform’s market-leading exchange

  • Currently, Binance mines about 9% of all blocks in the crypto marketplace

  • The Binance Pool is highly secure and transparent, while the hashrate is displayed in real-time

  • Your assets are fully safeguarded by Binance at all times

  • Utilising both the FPPS and PPS+ models and instant settlements, you can also avoid fluctuations in earnings and generate a steady return when using Binance Pool

  • Users can also enjoy a comprehensive service on Binance Pool, which is committed to improving miners’ income, closing the gap between mining and trading and provide an interactive, one-stop mining ecosphere

  • You can learn more here



  • BitFury is a longstanding mining hardware firm that was founded by Valery Vavilov back in 2011

  • It’s also the best-funded mining hardware company in the industry, raising a hefty $20 million (£12.8 million) in July 2015. It has raised a total of $60 million (£38.4 million) overall

  • Rather than operating a public pool, this company boasts private mines in Finland, Iceland and the Republic of Georgia

  • The site classifies itself as a ‘technology’ firm rather than a ‘mining’ company, as its vision in the next three to five years is to target alternative areas where computing power is imperative

  • Its Blockbox AC tool is one of the most powerful Bitcoin mining devices on the market today, while BitFury’s innovative ‘Datatank Container’ utilises LiquidStack’s immersion cooling technology for cost-effective and energy-efficient computing deployment

  • The platform’s Exonum Enterprise is also the market’s premier blockchain-as-a-service solution, designed to help large corporations integrate blockchain into their operations

  • Find out more here


BTCChina Pool

  • This platform was launched at the end of 2014 by Bobby Lee (who’s also the current CEO)

  • He purchased its predecessor in 2013, after the exchange had run into issues

  • In the seven years since, BTCChina has become one of the country’s largest Bitcoin exchanges, while it has also evolved to offer a diverse range of digital currency solutions

  • You can access the platform through native apps on either iOS and Android

  • In 2019, BTCC hit the headlines by launching the world’s first deliverable perpetual contract, which was part of a wider plan to build a fair, transparent and friendly crypto marketplace that’s completely free from the risk of manipulation

  • The exchange offers leverage of up to 100x on USDT and perpetual contracts that now support 10 major crypto assets

  • BTCC is also a BTC, BCH, SBTC and LTC mining pool, with transactions fees from the block shared directly with users

  • You can learn more here


BW Pool

  • BW Pool was launched in August 2014, having been co-founded by mining giants LK Group Ltd and the huge exchange

  • This platform covers a host of different services, including mining chip development, miner manufacturing, and hardware sales

  • Users can also access Bitcoin Cloud mining services, as well as an interest bearing wallet, which sit alongside an open and accessible mining pool

  • The company is located in Shenzhen, China, and has virtually no publicity in the English-speaking world despite its considerable size and influence

  • BW Pool is known to be in favour of an increase in block size, with this borne out by a rare public statement made by a spokesperson in July 2015

  • The site’s exchange allows you to trade one crypto for another supported asset, while it’s also possible to increase profit and risk through leverage

  • You can learn more about BW Pool here



  • Coingecko was launched back in 2014 by TM Lee (CEO) and Bobby Ong (COO)

  • It was founded and continues to operate in Singapore

  • Primarily a data-oriented firm, CoinGecko has been designed to collate and present data pertaining to specific altcoins

  • More specifically, it utilises this data to quantitatively and qualitatively rank the potential of each altcoin, benchmarking tokens according to a unique algorithm to determine their inherent value

  • Through CoinGecko, you can also access data on the top yield farming pools in the market, as measured by the total value locked

  • Similarly, you can compare coins directly across a broad range of metrics, while even earning crypto at various rates of return through a number of associated platforms

  • You can find out more here



  • F2Pool was launched in September 2014 by Wang Chun and Mao Shixing

  • The platform may also be known as DiscusFish on account of its logo (a discus fish)

  • Interestingly, F2Pool doesn’t actually own any hardware itself, as it instead draws 100% of its hash power from users

  • In July this year, F2Pool generated the largest Bitcoin transaction ever in order to clear up a spam attack of ‘dust’ or tiny transactions

  • The platform can also be downloaded directly on iOS or Android devices

  • F2Pool is one of the most detail-oriented mining resources on the market, as users can view comprehensive information for the 40+ supported cryptocurrencies and compare revenue across popular types of mining hardware

  • With this platform, you can also monitor your hashrate and revenue, alongside key datasets and metrics include real-time network hashrates

  • You can also manage a group of mining machines with F2Pool seamlessly and efficiently

  • You can learn more here


Genesis Mining

  • Genesis Mining was launched in 2014 in Hong Kong, by Marco Streng, Marco Krohn and Jakov Dolic

  • A private company, Genesis Mining is a multi-purpose platform that offers an array of services, from smart and easy investments to cryptocurrency mining pools

  • The platform currently boasts more than two million users, with some considering Genesis Mining to be the world’s leading provider of hashpower

  • With mining rigs already set up and running, you can simply register an account with Genesis Mining before starting to mine your first coins using an innovative BTC Cloud mining service

  • You can also mine an array of cryptocurrencies through the platform, simply by switching your mining power in real-time to cover a vast array of supported altcoins

  • Having been featured on Business Insider UK, CNBC, Coindesk and The Economist, this is one of the best-known mining brands in the marketplace

  • You can learn more about the site here


Slush Pool

  • Slush was launched way back in 2010, by entrepreneur Marek Palatinus

  • This is the world’s oldest public mining pool, and one that remains prominent and popular to this day

  • The platform’s formal name is Bitcoin Pooled Mining

  • The pool is owned by SatoshiLabs, which also runs a large number of other digital currency projects

  • Despite not being the largest platform of its type, Slush Pool retains enduring and impressive popularity

  • Slush Pool also provides API and data export facilities pertaining to mining. These are easy to access and capable of providing CSV and JSON downloads

  • The platform also runs native apps on iOS and Android, enabling users to receive real-time notifications while on the move and operate more efficiently overall

  • Slush Pool also operates a VIP program and customised solutions for large-scale mining operations

  • You can learn more here



  • TradeBlock was founded in 2013 in North America, by Greg Schvey and Jeff Schvey

  • TradeBlock is established as the world’s leading provider of institutional trading tools for digital currencies

  • A favourite amongst institutional BTC traders, TradeBlock offers a range of tools including market analytics, key blockchain insights and real-time trade execution

  • TradeBlock’s mining platform is detailed and comprehensive, with real-time hashrates and multiple assets supported

  • You can also access data services through TradeBlock, consolidated APIs, historical trade and order book data, and customisable algorithms

  • The platform also features world-class data tools and leading analytics, enabling you to access a tremendous insight on trading markets as well as blockchain networks

  • You can also use the XBX Bitcoin Index, which has been uniquely designed to prevent manipulation and serve as the reference point for millions of dollars of derivative products

  • You can find out more here


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