Crypto Security Solutions That Keep Your Assets Extra Safe

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Because of the decentralised nature of most digital coins, a stolen asset is usually unrecoverable and impossible to trace. So do not skip on doing your homework on how to best protect your cryptocurrency.

Here's a definitive guide on some of the available crypto security platforms out there.

  1. Coinhako

  2. Elliptic

  3. Everledger

  4. Kaspersky

  5. KeeeX

  6. Ledger

  7. Metaco

  8. Safello

  9. Xapo

  10. Yubico



  • Founded in 2014 by Yusho Liu and Gerry Eng in Singapore

  • Offers an accessible and secure exchange, through which investors can buy and sell Bitcoin with genuine peace of mind

  • To achieve this, it utilises secure digital wallets to secure BTC assets alongside a raft of altcoins and alternative digital currencies. This allows traders to exchange assets while on the move, through both secured iOS and Android apps

  • Coinhako is currently Asia’s most trusted and recognisable digital platforms, enabling it to claim a competitive edge in a market that’s besieged by constantly changing regulatory approaches

  • The platform is also in the midst of upgrading its technology and creating brand new services, aimed at improving market transparency and aiding non-technical community members

  • The site’s services have been widely featured by trusted publications, including Yahoo, CoinDesk and The Strait Times

  • Find out more about CoinHako here



  • Founded in 2013 by Dr. James Smith, Dr. Tom Robinson and Dr. Adam Joyce in the UK

  • Elliptic is aiming to become the leading custodian bank for the global blockchain, in a bid to bring compliance to leading crypto assets and lay the foundation for a safer, better-regulated marketplace.

  • It provides practical tools and software to help detect and prevent financial crime in crypto assets in real-time, providing analytics across more than 10 billion data points in the process

  • The company also provides certification for crypto businesses and financial institutions, alongside detailed analytics and security training

  • Currently boasting more than 100 customers in 29 different countries, in excess of 66% of existing crypto trading volumes runs through exchanges that use Elliptic’s services

  • Coinbase is also a leading Elliptic partner, with the two having enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship since 2015

  • You can learn more about Elliptic’s services here



  • Founded in 2015 by Leanne Kemp (CEO) in the UK

  • Offers transparent, tech-led solutions for global supply chains. Utilising underlying blockchain technology, its technologies provide a secure and permanent digital record of a particular asset’s origin

  • Established to fulfil a key application for blockchain technology, and to create confidence in trust in marketplaces where transparency is key

  • The platform also features its proprietary ‘Identify app’ to provide clear evidence of production details for object-level provenance on the blockchain.

  • Currently, Everledger offers cutting-edge solutions across a wide range of product and retail applications, from apparel and digital art to insurance, luxury goods and wines and spirits. The main goal across each sector is to provide greater supply chain visibility

  • Trusted partners of Everledger include Blockchain Australia, Tencent and the World Economic Forum (WEF)

  • Visit here to learn more and book a demo



  • Founded in 1997 by Eugene Kaspersky

  • Provides comprehensive cybersecurity solutions in the crypto economy, across both crypto exchanges and other blockchain applications

  • Offers incident response and recovery, alongside application security assessment and protection against fraud

  • Kaspersky also offers a comprehensive solution to provide security for token sales, protecting against vulnerabilities in smart contracts and web platforms that may be targeted by hackers

  • With Kaspersky, clients can also get bespoke protection against DDoS attacks, while provisions have also been made to mitigate the risk of social engineering and sophisticated phishing scams

  • The platform’s other products, including its ‘Essential antivirus for Windows’ also includes cryptocurrency mining malware, which is ideal for individual traders and costs as little as £12.49 each month

  • Leading clients include Crypto Processing, Insolar and the crypto-exchange Bitexen

  • Visit here to find out more



  • Founded in 2014 by Laurent Henocque (CEO) in France

  • KeeeX provides fully operational and cutting-edge blockchain solutions for securing, chaining, sharing, signing and timestamping any kind of digital document

  • This can include everything from simple file exchanges to smart contracts and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), providing potential applications across a broad range of applications

  • KeeeX also leverages patented technology for embedding an immutable proof of integrity, providing peace of mind for users and affording them access to a uniquely secure platform

  • In addition to its blockchain expertise, the platform also combines advanced cryptography and digital signature technology, ensuring that all data and decision chains are verifiable and 100% traceable

  • Crucially, the KeeeX platform is inherently scalable, allowing for the ultra-fast deployment and processing of large volumes of information

  • KeeeX is also an interoperable platform, so you can embed proofs of trust and context in files without having to alter their format.

  • Learn more about the platform here



  • Founded in 2014 by Eric Larcheveque, Joel Pobeda, Nicolas Bacca and Thomas France

  • Operates a digital security infrastructure that includes an array of hardware wallets integrated with the Ledger Live app, affording users full and real-time control over their crypto assets

  • Its hard wallet technology combines a Secure Element with a proprietary operating system to specifically protect each individual’s assets

  • Since 2014, Ledger has sold more than three million hardware wallets across 190 countries, while a recent $380 million Series C round will lead to further product innovation and improvements to the Live Ledger app

  • Products include the Nano S, which is currently the most popular hardware wallet in the world and available for a competitive £54.50

  • The new Nano X is costlier at £109, but offers more advanced protection for professional traders or crypto whales

  • Visit here to find out more



  • Founded in 2014 by Adrien Treccani in Switzerland

  • A leading innovation company, Metaco is working on creating the next generation of financial technologies that are supported by distributed ledgers and blockchain

  • The site has also been described as an orchestration platform, and one that enables businesses to secure, trade, issue and ultimately manage their digital assets in real-time

  • This is accomplished through Metaco’s ‘Harmonize’ platform, which allows financial and non-financial institutions to distribute digital assets securely and manage tokens without compromising on full-regulatory compliance

  • Consider to be the most secure and agile of digital vaults for self-custody, Metaco has forged lucrative commercial partnerships with d-fine, Kudelski Security, while it also works alongside market-leading industry compliance firms such as ChiperTrace, Coinfirm and Elliptic

  • The business remains heavily involved in the banking and De-Fi spaces, creating a network of strategic partners across the globe

  • You can access a demo of Metaco’s platform here



  • Founded in 2013 by Frank Schuil (CEO) in Sweden

  • Safello’s primary objective has been to bring greater compliance and security to the Bitcoin marketplace, for both individual investors and corporations alike

  • At the heart of the platform is a decentralised exchange, through which users can securely buy and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum tokens

  • Safello has actively worked alongside law enforcement and regulatory authorities to create a safe trading platform since its inception, allowing for the creation of Safello Premium (which is particularly secure for those exchanging large volumes of crypto)

  • With Safello’s business platform, corporations can buy in at a minimum of SEK 100,000 and be provides with bespoke crypto investment portfolios

  • One of the most trusted platforms of its type in the world, Safello has stated its aim to deliver crypto assets to the masses, while it has even claimed that it wants to replace the SEK currency in the future!

  • Find out more about the Safello platform here



  • Founded in 2012, by Wences Casares and Federico Murrone in Switzerland

  • Provides one of the most secure stores of Bitcoin in the world, essentially serving as the world’s first-ever digital bank with regulated BTC assets

  • It now has a physical branch in Gibraltar having acquired a banking license too, alongside a revamped mobile app, a bespoke Xapo Card and a USD bank account

  • The Xapo Card also enables you to earn cashback on your balance and transactions, which can subsequently be spent in any global currency without the provision of fees

  • It also allows for both long-term crypto storage and everyday usage, providing flexibility for BTC holders who want to make secure crypto payments

  • This type of secure digital vault is available for the competitive price of $150 per annum, making it accessible to traders of all different types and outlooks

  • You can learn more about Xapo and its services here



  • Founded in 2007 by current CEO Stina Ehrensvard

  • Helps to secure your crypto assets at the exchange level, using a single, encrypted security key (YubiKey) to protect multiple coins and tokens

  • This helps to strike the ideal balance between security and usability, by establishing new and universal authentication standards across clients’ computers, smartphones and networks

  • The YubiKey 5 Series is a multi-protocol security key, which benefits from strong, two-factor authentication and seamless touch-to-sign technology

  • Products are available for everyone from professional traders to prosumers and servers. Prices can vary from £24.50 (exc. VAT) to £950.00 for the advanced YubiHSM 2 FIPS

  • The platform and the YubiKey 5 has client testimonials from all over the world, including Atlassian, Duke University, Facebook and even the City of Sacramento

  • The YubiKey has also protected against account takeovers and reduced IT costs at Google, and has done since 2009

  • Visit here to find out more


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