Crypto Hacks And Crime: Stories Behind Crypto Hacks — Why Hackers Get Caught

On this Crypto Curry Live, we're joined by Tom Luo of Merkle Science to go into the biggest crypto hacks.

The Crypto Twitter hack- what mistakes the hackers made that led to them getting caught and how they could have gotten away with it.

  • What opportunities does DeFi offer to hackers?

  • If a criminal is using DeFi to launder funds, whose problem is it?

  • What does the future hold from a hacker's perspective?

  • Should you hold crypto at all if you don't want to get hacked?


Meet Tom Luo:

Tom is the Sales Director of Merkle Science. He supports Series A funding, entry into the UK and US markets, and management of the global sales team.

He is a target drive technology sales professional with 10 years of experience as an individual contributor and team lead.

His expertise is in identifying and closing enterprise and mid-market sales opportunities. This is achieved through solution and value-based selling, technical sales, solution demos, channel engagement, industry events and new logo acquisition.

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