Recycled Plastic: How Do You Know If It's Actually Recycled?

Recycled plastic is everywhere now. And yet, how do you know the supposedly recycled plastic that you're wearing is actually recycled? Recycled plastic a premium product, in demand from many retailers and is worth more than virgin, new plastic. And yet most companies don't know if the plastic they are buying is actually recycled or not.

More than a few plants have opened making new plastic and then 'recycling' it- only adding to the environmental problem of plastic! And there is no way of disproving this plastic.

Circularise have a blockchain-based solution to track plastic recycling and prove the authenticity of recycled plastic -helping companies to achieve the sustainable development goals.

Mesbah Sabur, founder at Circularise shares all- how they track the supply chain, ensure the authenticity of recycled plastic, and what this means for business.


Meet Mesbah Sabur:

The idea for Circularise was born during Mesbah’s Master research in Industrial Design Engineering at Delft University of Technology. Passionate about circular economy and entrepreneurship, Mesbah educated himself in JavaScript to kickstart Circularise.

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