Crypto: Are we wasting our time? Iqbal Gandham, MD of crypto trading firm eToro

Iqbal Gandham, MD of crypto trading firm eToro sharing his thoughts on the future of crypto and what is really needed for mainstream adoption:

  • Are we wasting our time in crypto, will it ever go anywhere?

  • Does it have any real world uses? - If the use case is we need a new form of money?

  • Will governments really allow this?

  • And more!

Iqbal has had a unique perspective overlooking crypto from a trading angle, as well as from working with the FCA on a regulatory angle. His views are always well thought out and are good at sparking thoughts and debates.


Meet Iqbal:

Iqbal manages eToro's business activities in the UK. Prior to eToro, he held senior positions as a CMO and CTO, in addition to founding several companies. He co-founded India’s largest web-hosting business, launched a telecoms startups and then progressed to cloud computing. Following this, he joined a fledgeling startup called Nutmeg as CMO and helped shape it into the UK’s largest robo-advisor.

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