[BOOK] Crypto Wars: Faked Deaths, Missing Billions & Industry Disruption

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

The book is now out for purchase. Get your copy HERE.

Crypto is big news. You may be an existing user yourself or have friends that laud its promise of getting rich fast. Arm yourself with knowledge to come out on top in the crypto wars.

If thousands of people can lose billions of dollars in OneCoin, masterminded by the now infamous Missing Cryptoqueen made famous by the BBC's podcast series and called 'one of the biggest scams in history' by The Times, what makes you think your money is safe? OneCoin isn't alone. Crypto Wars reveals some of the most shocking scams affected millions of innocent people all around the world with everything from religious leaders to celebrities involved. In this book, you get exclusive access to the back story of the most extreme Ponzi schemes, the most bizarre hoaxes and brutal exit strategies from some of the biggest charlatans of crypto.

Crypto expert and educator, Erica Stanford, will show you how market-wide manipulation schemes, unregulated processes and a new collection of technologies that are often misunderstood, have been exploited to create the wild west of crypto, run by some less than reputable characters. From OneCoin to PonziCoin to Trumpcoin and everything in between, Crypto Wars uncovers the scandals, unpicks the system behind them and allows you to better understand a new technology that has the potential to revolutionize banking and our world for the better.


The Book Tour, replay

Erica Stanford, went on a virtual tour, talking with people from across our industry and a few degrees removed about her book, her year long research and what she wants you to know about corruption, crime and that scene known as Crypto Wars.

Listen to her interviews here, or get your copy from Books2Read.

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