Application Denied? The Struggle To Bank Crypto Enterprises

Banking crypto companies, why has it been so hard, what's changing, and what do crypto companies need to know to get a banking partner.

Since Bitcoin’s emergence into the public consciousness, there has been a healthy dose of scepticism from the traditional banking world. Quite simply it has been a gauntlet for any Crypto-related company to obtain a bank account within a reputable jurisdiction.

UK based BCB Group focuses on providing business banking and payment solutions for those affected, working with a who’s who list of leading blockchain and cryptocurrency institutions. Partner Ben Sebley joins us to discuss:

  • Why is it so b******* tough?

  • The typical hurdles for companies looking to get banked?

  • War stories from companies who raised funds via ICOs?

  • Are bankers still being threatened with the sack for holding Bitcoin? (allegedly!)

  • Changing regulation and if this is helping/harming Blockchain companies?

  • US Banks being able to custody Bitcoin.

  • Lining up your ducks.

  • How you can increase your chances for a successful application.


Meet Ben Sebley:

Ben is the Chief Growth Officer for UK based BCB Group. He started in November 2019 and continues to be so up-to-date.

Connect with Ben:


Visit BCB Group:

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