What people are saying: 

Crypto Curries convenes entrepreneurs, developers and blockchain community members without fanfare or sales pitches, just an honest dialogue about what’s happening at the intersection between technology, finance, and society — all over some tasty curry.
— Nic Cary, Co-Founder Blockchain.com
Erica Stanford’s Crypto Curry Club is an essential part of the UK’s blockchain ecosystem
— Rob Learney, Lead Technologist, Blockchain & DLT, Digital Catapult
Great to have an event where everyone is not pitching but eating, chatting and generally relaxing. Good crowd, great food and all about blockchain and crypto. What more does one need?
— Iqbal Gandham, MD, eToro
The ‘Curries’ are terrific serendipity in action. In a world utterly overloaded with networking events it is a real pleasure to attend. Thoughtfully curated by the remarkable Erica Stanford I can tell how good these are by the high number of follow ups between events, and the additional, relevant connections made by those you meet.
— Eric Van der Kleij - Founder of Leading Technology Hubs FrontierNetwork.com & Level39.co
I’m at a lot of business events, but Erica’s club stands apart from the usual groups. I was impressed with the quality of the people; these are people that are making a significant impact in the world and attending CCC to strengthen their network and share ideas. Look forward to attending again.
— Richard Foster-Fletcher, Enterprise Account Director, Oracle
It’s amazing just how big and busy the London blockchain and cryptocurrency space is, but the best way to get involved is at fantastic events like the Crypto Curries
— Darryn Pollock, Forbes blockchain contributing writer
Crypto Curry brings together some of the brightest and most dynamic entrepreneurs involved in Blockchain and Crypto Currency in the U.K. The format is fun and informative as opinions are discussed and debated with the mix of a high quality curry meal.
— Rob Gaskell, President of Pillar & Co- Founder & COO of 2030
CC’s bright & experienced members are the key group of London, always combined with an exciting meet-up venue
— Merri Silverstein, V.C. and angel investor
The Crypto Curry Club is a great opportunity to share ideas and business prospects with high end leaders in the crypto space on a personal level in an exclusive environment.
— Victoria Clarke, Crypto Divorce Solicitor, Stowe Family Law
The real currency of the event (beyond crypto) was cultivating new relationships within the global village of tomorrow. I quickly signed up for the next convening without a moment’s hesitation.
— Vivien Hobbs, Parter, Legal UK Partnership LLP & First Wives Club
The Crypto Curry Club is a great way to meet and connect with people interested in blockchain from a range of different industries. I’ve made great connections with people interested in blockchain and crypto and already formed a great strategic partnership with people I’ve met from the Curries. It’s simply the best networking event around.
— Alan Wilson, CTO YEO
The learning and network I have acquired from these events has had a direct impact on my ability to serve my clients successfully
— Areiel Wolanow, Managing Director, Finserv Experts
I’ve been going to the Crypto Curry Club for quite a while. Not only is it a smoothly run event, but the quality and diversity of people that attend has always been the highest of quality. I’m looking forward to seeing how the event branches out and develops further - I’ll be attending as many of these future events as possible.
— Jon Walsh, Associate Partner, Blockchain Rookies
The Crypto Curry Club is where real people with real ideas meet to exchange thoughts and help one another. Erica and her team have a knack for bringing the right people together to ensure that everyone gets value for their time. I will be a very frequent visitor to the CCC.
— Florian Krueger, Founder, DLT Partners
It’s great to be part of the Crypto Curry Club - a opportunity to discuss blockchain, crypto assets, innovation and technologies with so many credible individuals, oh and to eat great curry too.
— John Boatman, Business owner and entrepreneur of 25 years
Crypto Curry Club brings together great people to connect in one of the best atmospheres I’ve experienced compared to similar events. It’s great for meeting like-minded people and learning more about what’s going on and on the horizon in the extremely fast moving crypto/DLT industry. The curry’s also amazing!
— Declan Goodwin, Solicitor and Associate Director, Jordans Corporate Law
As an avid fan of both curry and cryptocurrency, when I first heard about the crypto curry club it all sounded too good to be true - but it isn’t!!!

Erica has curated and nurtured a special community that I’m very pleased to feel part of; one that builds friendships as much as it does business opportunities.
— Ultan Miller, Managing Partner, Saxon Advisors
Bristol’s Crypto Curry Club was awesome! Definitely one of the best networking dinners I’ve been to. Great people, good chat, and excellent curry!
— Ben Rees, Co-Founder of Cryptopulse podcast and CEO at music creative agency, The Famous Company