Crypto Curry Club is now accepting sponsorship for London and for regional monthly events.

Crypto Curry Club offers a unique chance to present to 30+ thought-leaders and founders in crypto, blockchain and emerging tech in an intimate setting in the London events and around 20 people in each of the other cities. The London events sell out within a day, on a carefully selected, invite-only basis.

There are currently Crypto Curry Clubs in London, Bristol and Bath, and as of January, Oxford, Cambridge, Leeds, Manchester and Cardiff.

There are also one off events in London such as

Sponsors are guaranteed seats to the Curry they host, are given speaking slots every year, a short slot to speak at every session, the opportunity to hand out fliers, have banners, and most importantly, form a real and direct connection with your target audience.

All sponsor applications are thoroughly vetted to ensure appropriateness to our members.


Attendees are leaders in the crypto, blockchain and emerging/ disruptive tech space. Many are founders of blockchain projects and companies, some are high-level or C-suite management of major crypto-related, blockchain and tech companies, some are 8 figure investors, some run blockchain and tech conferences, events and podcasts. Some are senior figures and leaders from other industries who are interested in learning about blockchain. Some media and PR are usually present. Everyone adds value in unique ways. There is no selling or pitching allowed.

Crypto Curry Clubs in London are invite only- every attendee is a leader in tech, with many being regular speakers on their subjects.

The majority of attendees are decision makers within or founders of companies and express interest in issues related to tax, law, structuring crypto-related companies, grants, marketing, social media and PR.