[WEBINAR] How Different Lawmakers are Regulating Crypto

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Lawmakers around the world are waking up to digital currency — and everyone is in a race to figure out how to best regulate it. Because unlike others, crypto is constantly changing and rapidly developing; this being one of the main reasons why it’s difficult from a legislative standpoint.

In this webinar, we’re joined by both sides of the aisle, Philipp Pieper Co-founder of the world’s first regulated DeFi platform Swarm Markets and James Burnie, partner at law firm gunnercooke.

  • Tell us about your experience with different regulators around the world.

[00:01:32] Philipp Pieper

  • As a lawyer, how was your experience like when it comes to dealing with different regulators?

[00:03:51] James Burnie

  • What else can regulators look to learn from jurisdictions aside from clarity?

[00:06:50] Philipp Pieper

[00:08:59] James Burnie

  • What do you see is coming next with the existing crypto security laws?

[00:13:30] Philipp Pieper

[00:16:55] James Burnie

  • What would make the most difference to the DeFi ecosystem coming from regulators?

[00:23:56] James Burnie

[00:25:47] Philipp Pieper


Meet Philipp Pieper

Philipp is co-founder of Swarm Markets as well as the Swarm Network, an open-source project, and DAO.

Philipp also co-founded Proximic (acquired by comScore), Loop Media (public at USOTC: LPTV), and Bitadel Crypto Trading. Philipp has been engaged in decentralized technologies and crypto-asset trading since 2015. He is also a startup investor and mentor e.g. at Singularity University & StartX. Member of the AIMA blockchain committee and Digital Currency Trade Association (DCTA).

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Philipp Pieper

Meet James Burnie

James is a partner at law firm gunnercooke advising on financial services regulation and FinTech.

Listed in the Legal 500 as a recommended lawyer, he advises financial institutions on all aspects of EU and UK financial regulation. This includes advisory, project, and transactional work in connection with the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (including MiFID II implementation), the Capital Requirements Directive and Regulation, the FCA Handbook and PRA Rulebook (including advice on capital instruments), and the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive. James' work focuses in particular on the areas of corporate support, hedge funds, and FinTech.

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James Burnie

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