[WEBINAR] Crypto Landscape in 2022 — Bitcoin ETFs & the Rise of NFTs, and DeFi

Updated: Feb 2

2021 was marked as a spectacular year as crypto assets went mainstream, tied with the rise of NFTs, meme coins, ICOs, and of course, Metaverse towards the end of the year.

In many ways, it was the year of "breakthrough". But what's next for 2022?

Simon Peters, Crypto Market Analyst at Etoro joins us for a webinar brought to you by True Layer to discuss the 2022 outlook in this new-age investment class.

  • What were some of the biggest crypto milestones in 2021?

[00:01:57] Simon Peters

  • What's the clear trend for people getting into crypto?

[00:03:10] Simon Peters

  • Bitcoin ETFs - As new players enter the game (ProShares, Fidelity, positive net inflows from institutional investors), what impact does this have on crypto markets broadly?

[00:09:51] Simon Peters

[00:11:43] Simon Peters

  • Do you think the trend of crypto going in towards NFT will continue to happen?

[00:13:54] Simon Peters

  • What do you think is needed to get more people involved in crypto-money?

[00:14:44] Simon Peters

  • Outlook for the crypto-verse: What could 2022 hold in store? And what's next for eToro?

[00:17:55] Simon Peters

  • What are you seeing people doing with their crypto? What are you seeing as trends on eToro?

[00:19:52] Simon Peters


Meet Simon Peters

Simon Peters is a Crypto Market Analyst at eToro, with a detailed knowledge of crypto markets and the crypto industry.

In his role at eToro, he also helps high net worth clients with their crypto assets investments. Simon has a degree from Brunel University London in Mechanical Engineering and has a CFA UK Level 4 Certificate in Investment Management.

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Simon Peters

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