The Future Of Finance: Is ETH 2.0 About To Have Its Defining Moment?

$2bn of Eth is currently locked in Defi smart contracts, a number rising exponentially since the start of the year. Aren’t ICO’s dead? (Spoiler: They’s something else this time)

Lex Sokolin of Consensys, one of the most respected voices in Fintech brings us his unique perspective on the state of the market.

We’ll be covering:

  • Money printer goes Brrr.. Stocks go up. Is the new normal sustainable?

  • What are the potential consequences of Covid 19 on crypto and blockchain adoption?

  • Is it more a question of when, not if CBDC's s will gain mass adoption?

  • How will this come about?

  • Eth's finally here! (Maybe). What are the wider implications on de-fi and the ecosystem?

  • Staking as a Service, why is this so important?

  • Outside of centralised exchanges, where will we find our first Blockchain unicorn?


Meet Lex:

Lex is a New York & London entrepreneur with senior operating and board-level Fintech experience (i.e., thick scar tissue) in blockchain, digital investing, and wealth management. He's held a variety of roles on Wall St (Lehman, Barclays, Deutsche), but also hand-coded websites and programmed generative abstract art. He founded the Fintech practice at Autonomous, a financial services equity research firm (bought by Bernstein), where he focused on artificial intelligence, blockchain, and mixed reality. Previously, Lex was COO and led product design / corporate development at AdvisorEngine, a wealth management platform built on roboadvisor DNA. He was also CEO of NestEgg, a roboadvisor focused on delivering financial advice algorithmically, which he founded while getting a JD/MBA from Columbia - a reckless but fun decision.

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