The Biggest Crypto Rankings and Rating Sites

Crypto rankings and rating sites exist to equip investors with the latest research news on finance plus cryptocurrency ratings on the most actively traded digital assets.

Providing the highest accuracy, the following sites make it their goal to increase your profit performance and do so with confidence:

  1. CER

  2. Coin Clarity

  3. CoinDesk

  4. CoinGecko

  5. CoinMarketCap

  6. CryptoRank

  7. CoinRanking

  8. CryptoSlate


  10. Investopedia

  11. Nomics

  12. TradingView

  13. Weiss Crypto Ratings



  • CER stands for Crypto Exchange Ranks and is a cybersecurity ranking and rating platform as opposed to a price-tracking page

  • They offer information for each exchange about certification, a cybersecurity score out of 10, a penetration test, proof of funds, and a bug bounty. At this time, Kraken is their top cryptocurrency exchange

  • CER educates crypto enthusiasts about security and protects the community against malicious actors and hackers at the same time

  • Their only mission is to become an important indicator with complex security assessments that helps to monitor the crypto world and think about how to prevent attacks

  • Owned by the Hacken Group


Coin Clarity

  • Provides price tracking charts for hundreds of different cryptocurrencies, updated in real-time

  • Coin Clarity publishes information, reviews, and comparisons of 19 different crypto exchanges, making it perhaps the best website to help you discover which trading platform is best for you in your location or for your needs

  • They are also creating and publishing content related to crypto casinos

  • Coin Clarity’s mission is in its name! The idea is to provide clarity about coins, with the content aimed at beginners and new market entrants

  • They test different investing strategies, publishing their results to readers

  • Articles openly share the ranking methodology and are transparent about why different exchanges win their ranked lists

  • The co-owners are Nick Mitchell and Jess Richardson. According to their website, Nick Mitchell bought Bitcoin several years ago, stored it in Vircurex (which then got hacked), and that’s how he started Coin Clarity, helping others to avoid his errors and only use reputable exchanges



  • CoinDesk is primarily a news website, but also offers price tracking, volume, supply, and much more, for a total of 20 selected cryptocurrencies that are called the CoinDesk 20. These are the 20 coins that they feel are the most important to the industry overall

  • Educational guides complement the regular news updates and excellent features

  • CoinDesk TV offers a high production value television-style channel for their videos, which mix news, panel debates, videolink guests and more

  • CoinDesk created the original price reference rate, known as the Bitcoin Price Index, back in 2013

  • Its mission is to inform, educate, and connect the global investment community through news, data, events and education

  • In January 2016 it was acquired by Digital Currency Group for around $600,000



  • Provides price tracking charts for thousands of cryptocurrencies, updated in real-time

  • CoinGecko also provides information about all of the different crypto exchanges

  • Market updates are shared through their crypto reports, newsletter, blog, and podcast

  • Reports on cryptocurrency only, with nothing published about Forex or stocks, for example

  • They write blogs, guides, news, and even two books, titled How to Bitcoin, and How to DeFi

  • The company mission is to democratize the access of crypto data and empower users with actionable insights, as well as diving deeper into the crypto space to deliver valuable insights to the website visitors

  • Founded and owned by TM Lee and Bobby Ong

  • CoinGecko ranks trading pairs and exchanges more holistically, based on various different metrics

  • Most would agree that CoinGecko is the second-best ranking and ratings site, just behind CoinMarketCap



  • CoinMarketCap offers perhaps the most advanced and complete tracking of prices and market updates in the industry

  • They provide information about different crypto exchanges, such as how many coins and market pairings each platform offer, how many web visits they receive, and what the daily trading volume is

  • Since its acquisition by Binance in early 2020 for around $400m, CoinMarketCap continues to operate independently from its parent company, as any pro-Binance behaviour could be seen as market manipulation due to the sheer amount of traffic this platform receives. It has been said that simply having access to CoinMarketCap’s data is an unfair advantage for Binance

  • Their mission is to make crypto discoverable and efficient globally by empowering retail users with unbiased, high quality, and accurate information for drawing their own informed conclusions. To that part, it has achieved what it set out to do and is perhaps rivalled only by CoinGecko in terms of traffic and coin listings

  • You can find comprehensive details about thousands of currencies on CoinMarketCap, learning about which exchanges they are listed on, their price movements in the past, and even information about how many addresses hold a coin and which popular wallets support it



  • Provides price tracking charts for over 8,000 different cryptocurrencies, updated in real-time

  • Create watchlists to track your portfolio or the coins that you’re interested in

  • CryptoRank provides information about different crypto exchanges, derivatives, and the DeFi world

  • They also provide some of the industry’s best data about IDOs and IEOs

  • Provides heat maps for cryptocurrency, which are a cool visual indicator of the market

  • Its mission is to research, backtest and trade different investments, whilst also providing news to help market participants make more informed trading decisions



  • Provides price tracking charts for hundreds of cryptocurrencies and 184 different crypto exchanges, all updated in real-time, with information about price, trading volume, and market cap

  • CoinRanking also provides market updates for NFTs, tracking 18 dApps, as well as the daily and total trading volume for almost 1 million NFTs in existence

  • The ‘Learn’ section has some pretty useful guides about crypto, NFTs, and their ranking methodology for the site

  • Their mission is to empower people to make well-grounded choices concerning digital value, by providing accessible data, in order to decrease financial inequality in the world and by making cryptocurrencies accessible to everyone

  • Founded and owned by Maarten Wiersema, Nick Pater, and Mark Kooistra



  • Provides price tracking charts for around 2,400 different cryptocurrencies, updated in real-time

  • Information is published about different aspects of crypto, such as exchanges, the growing DeFi world, Eth 2.0, NFTs, and much more

  • CryptoSlate is one of the most prolific publishers of crypto news and guides in the industry

  • Content includes news, coin rankings, company reports, products, and events

  • Provides cryptocurrency enthusiasts with a snapshot of the entire market space

  • The CryptoSlate mission is to provide blockchain industry news and crypto market analysis for the benefit of cryptocurrency enthusiasts

  • Founded by Nate Whitehill and Matthew Blancarte, and is not owned or operated by a company or exchange in the blockchain industry (as many of their rivals are)

  • Self-described as “The world’s first decentralised unbiased crypto assets rating platform powered by AI & ML”

  • Provides price tracking charts for cryptocurrencies, based on an AI ranking algorithm

  • Evai seeks to decentralise the rating process by employing a consensus protocol to drive upgrades and modifications. This protocol is autonomous and self-correcting, a true innovation and a new approach to crypto ratings and rankings websites

  • Their mission is to provide decentralised and impartial ratings based on a multi-factor Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning model that removes the need for human intervention

  • Users can build their own intuitive dashboards, choosing the metrics that are most important to them, with customisable parameters and drag & drop features

  • Evai also offers an EVAI token to investors

  • Founded and owned by Matt Dixon



  • Not just for crypto information, Investopedia also offers content about stocks, economics, trading strategies, and much more

  • They do not provide price tracking or live charts for cryptocurrencies, but rather publish top-tier guides and reports about the crypto world, especially regarding the more technical trading elements and how cryptocurrency operates as an investment

  • Most of the content on the website is either recent market news or educational long-form guides. For those really looking for greater know-how about trading and investing, this is the best website to use

  • The mission of Investopedia is to simplify complex financial information and help readers make reasoned and well-informed decisions, as well as giving them the confidence to manage every aspect of their financial life

  • Founded in 1999 by Cory Wagner and Cory Janssen, before being sold in 2007 to Forbes



  • Provides ‘Transparent Crypto Data’, such as real-time price tracking charts for over 19,000 cryptocurrencies, though only around 8,600 are still being traded

  • Nomics also has a section providing information about crypto exchanges, showing how many trades, the volume, which fiat currencies are accepted, and more

  • Nomics publishes blogs, a podcast, and a newsletter

  • They deliver professional-grade market data that can be used by professional crypto investors and beginners to inform their trading decisions

  • Its mission is to grow the decentralized financial system by making it accessible and understandable to data-driven investors.

  • Nomics are funded by 9 investors. They are Cityblock Capital, Coinbase Ventures, Coventure, Polymath, King Capital, Tokensoft, Ben Davenport, Arthur Ventures, and Digital Currency Group



  • For many day traders, TradingView will be a very familiar name, as it’s a company that develops the best charts and graphs in the industry and then sells them as API connections to crypto exchanges and other trading platforms. Over 30 million people use their technology and data feeds every day

  • TradingView’s motto is "where the world charts, chats and trades markets". Their service can be used to communicate with other traders, track assets, find trading ideas, chat, and spot trends

  • Their mission is to be the planet's most popular trading software, support the largest network of traders with real-time data, and develop market-leading software that innovates and disrupts the game

  • TradingView is a global team with over 200+ staff that was founded by Stan Bokov, Denis Globa, and Constantin Ivanov


Weiss Crypto Ratings

  • Provides price tracking charts for cryptocurrencies, indexes, DeFi projects and more, all updated in real-time

  • Create a watchlist for your favourite projects and their coins

  • Weiss Crypto publishes a lot of articles about the market

  • “Weiss Ratings will never accept advertising from issuers or compensation of any kind from issuers or sponsors”, which shows a lot of integrity and keeps their data free from manipulation

  • Their mission is to provide a combination of five critical advantages for users: the broadest coverage, the strictest independence, complete objectivity, high ethics, and a commitment to safety

  • Founded and owned by Martin D. Weiss, PhD


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