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The role in brief

The Cake is a platform that connects individuals or businesses with trusted and verified experts within crypto & blockchain space via a live chat interface. We plan to be the safest place in crypto to get advice on-demand.

Users might want help with the basics like buying, selling or trading or have more advanced needs along the lines of legal, tax or blockchain development.

As we grow our user base, top rated and highly trusted advisors will have the option to toggle their profiles to accept crypto payments.

Along with incentive payments for advisors we plan to move The Cake to a DAO. Rated advisors will not only have the ability to earn DeSup (De-centralised support) utility tokens but will also have the option to claim Slice tokens which will enable earning multipliers AND voting rights for the DAO.

We currently have 40+ advisors and we’re looking to grow our advisor base.

About Us

The Cake team are on a mission to ensure everyone has easy access to trustworthy, impartial advice on all things cryptocurrency related.

For those who are new to using crypto, free 1:1 basic support will democratise access to decentralised finance, and to the growing pool of crypto wealth.

For professional traders, investors and finance operators, time sensitive access to key expertise and verification will support sustainable, long term ecosystem development.

Launching in Spring 2021, will allow users to engage with expert and specialist advisors directly through our live chat interface.

In the meantime feel free to check out our app at , read some of our blogs or join our Telegram -

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Contact CEO & Founder Ben Appleby:




Phone: 07463619074

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