Features Overview


The Crypto Curry Club was formed in 2018 in response to the lack of opportunities in the London blockchain and tech space to get to know people well. Typically at meet-ups or networking events, one sits in a row of people to listen to a talk, or is left alone to mingle, but often without knowing who would be relevant to talk to or being introduced to anyone at all. It’s easier to get to know people when sat around a table over food! The London Crypto Curry Club is invite only and welcomes founders and leaders in crypto, blockchain and emerging tech, as well as those in other industries who want to explore these technologies.

People who attend are founders or high level management within crypto, blockchain or tech companies, some are working in tech or as developers, some are in tech PR or media, some are working on exciting new projects, and some are senior leaders from non-related companies or industries who want to see if or how to implement digital currencies or blockchain/ DLT technology. Relationships are forming and partnerships are already happening between members.

The Crypto Curry Club is active in London, with other curries now taking place in Bristol and Bath and in January/ February 2019 starting in Oxford, Cambridge, Leeds, Manchester and Cardiff.