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Disclosure - The Full CCC

We'll be honest, this site is not fundamentally financially driven.


Crypto Curry Club was created in 2018 to connect like minded individuals and affect real change that innovates our future while driving businesses forward. 

In any case, we wanted to stay on the right side of CAP code or what is known as the UK Advertising Code, which means that whenever we receive a ‘payment’ from a brand, this needs to be disclosed in any relevant blog posts/videos, as well as any social media posts.  

First things first, Crypto Curry Club exists to create opportunities that build meaningful relationships all extending beyond the generic.

To put it all in a nutshell...

In the wake of UK’s Committee of Advertising Practice, our audience deserves the right to know that they are selecting an ad to view/read before they play, open or click on anything.

Say one of our blogs was powered by a partner and they had paid us a considerable amount, we need to clearly disclose that. If we have an event that is hosted by a financial services company and we are looking for a number of people to participate on our end based on a deal, it's the same - disclaimers and disclosing are key.

This leaves us at a vulnerable state and obviously requests more effort and time from our readers, but we are in the business of also making sure our consumers are fairly protected... all while giving you a delightful reading or watching experience.

The Crypto Curry Club is the #1 host for networking events in the United Kingdom with over 4000 active members, dozens of webinars, 240 live events, 5 issues of Blockchain Industry Review Magazine and counting, up-to-date. 

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