YEO is a next-generation secure, private messaging platform that authenticates not just the device, but the intended recipient. So you can decide who views your content, as well as where and when they see it.

  • Today, businesses and individuals are...

    ...using private messaging more and more to conduct their daily goings-on. But most popular messaging platforms do not meet compliance or legal requirements for business use and though we rely on trust, we lose control of our content the moment we hit ‘send’. With features such as continuous facial recognition, geofencing and burn-after-reading YEO Messaging gives the sender complete control of their messages and content.


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  • Meet the founder - Alan E J Jones

    Alan EJ Jones is a tech entrepreneur and business leader with four successful company exits under his belt.


    He’s the former Founder & CEO of Virgin Hot 100 Company Shuttle Technology Group and has been awarded the Fast Track 100 Innovation Award.


    His experience of launching and scaling innovative businesses acts as YEO’s North Star. 



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    Alan E J Jones