VC Investment into blockchain, what is changing investment attitudes and what aspects of crypto and blockchain are grabbing their attention?

In 2019 UK startups raised over £10bn, a record increase of 44% YoY. Yet Blockchain startups captured <2% of this amount. Pigeon feed!

Will 2020 be any different? Asen Kostadinov of MMC Ventures, one of the UK’s most successful early-stage VC funds, gives us his unique insight into why investment attitudes are changing and the areas grabbing his attention. Why now?

Aren’t VC’s a bit late to the party?

What stopped most purchasing tokens? Why yes? What are the major considerations for MMC when making an investment decision? What have they learnt? What should startups wanting investment do? Why has MMC invested in crypto custodian Copper? There are a myriad of Custody solutions on the market. What influenced the Copper decision?