What's next for blockchain in property? Tokenisation of property, property as currency, and a new blockchain-based alternative to mortgages. What is next for property in the next economic storm?
Antony Abell, Managing Director and Co-founder of blockchain-based property exchange TrustMe will be talking about the current shift in the global economic system back to a ‘trusted’ asset-based economic system.
How they have worked with the UK’s Land Registry using blockchain to make an asset out of property, so that anyone can be an owner of property from a minimum of £250 with title of that property registered at UK Land Registry.
How homeowners can protect their wealth without relying on third-party lenders or organisations. How new homeowners can buy their home and get homeowner rights at 51% of the value without needing to get or pay a mortgage - how TrustMe are using blockchain to offer an alternative way to make property affordable for new homeowners without relying on banks or mortgages.
An opportunity to existing homeowners to go mortgage-free by IPO ing their house, sharing a part of a house with the many instead of one controlling mortgage lender, as a hedge against economy and pension funds.
How tokenised property can be used in monetary exchange in the future, to be able to buy other items with property certificates backed up by real-world asset instead of cash and bypassing the existing financial system.