If you eat food, you are involved in agriculture.

In this interactive chat on Tech for Sustainability, we are joined by Genevieve Leveille, the founder of Agriledger, who will be sharing how Agriledger is using blockchain and technology including digital identity, immutable data and traceability to revolutionise the food supply chain.

Genevieve touches on: How they are using technology to empower farmers and Reducing Risk and Tracing Value.

How they are working with central government and the World Bank to track products for farmers, creating entrepreneurs out of farmers, and developing new ways of reducing risk in food production, and clarifying the product journey for consumers, from conditions to the value chain.

Genevieve led AgriLedger’s collaboration with Haiti’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry to deliver a Distributed Ledger Technology pilot sponsored by the World Bank. The project went live in May 2020 allowing Haitian fruit farmers, customers and families to reap the benefits of fairer prices and improved food security.

She is also leading a COVID Rapid Response project supporting the effective and safe delivery of testing kits by assuring the Value Chain. Genevieve was nominated by the Financial Times to the top 100 BAME in UK technology in 2019 and was a top five finalist for Quesnay’s Female Founders in FinTech 2019. She has spoken on emerging technologies at numerous high-profile conferences around the world. She is vice-chair of techUK’s Distributed Ledger Technologies Working Group, which provides strategic direction for all UK activities related to DLT, and is an inaugural member of the Advisory Group for the Estonian Government’s eResidency initiative.

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