How Enterprises and Governments around the world are using Blockchain and DLT to Gain Control over the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Areiel Wolanow walks us through how DLT is playing a pivotal role in how enterprises and governments around the world are working to gain control over the Covid-19 pandemic.

Areiel shares the current thinking on what technology can and can’t accomplish, and give valuable insight on how to provide the vital diagnostic and epidemiological data that is needed to effectively fight the virus, while at the same time not giving governments a back door into a national ID scheme or a general surveillance tool that is not part of their disease-fighting mandate.

Areiel Wolanow is a long-standing Crypto Currier who has successfully delivered major DLT and machine learning implementations around the world. He is now serving as CTO for Block Bioscience, and driving the delivery of the technology platform that supports their overall Covid-19 management solution. Areiel previously led the creation of IBM’s blockchain services practice for the ASEAN region and has solutioned and delivered DLT solutions for Lloyd’s of London, Deutsche Telekom, and others.