Brain Tech Club- Bitesize Sleep hack: A simple 3 step guide to a better nights sleep under Lockdown. Hack your Sleep & Overcome Overwhelm During Lockdown

Burn out - the causes, why we get it, and what each of us individually can do about that to live a full life with ongoing energy.

Sleep. One of the main complaints and for a while the most searched for hashtag during lockdown #cantsleep - stress, burnout, worry or anxiety, and a few easily changeable environmental factors, are behind disrupted sleep.

Our speakers will be combining psychology with science, distilling down stress (specifically what is known as the burnout phenomenon) and they are going to teach you how to hack it for good. Jon and Leticia give three simple steps on how to hack sleep for good, helping you to live a limitless, fulfilling life without feeling burnout that is so common for people in business today.

Get ready to learn why we experience burnout, the real root causes and the antidote and how to hack your sleep for good.

Jon Lipitch is a Professional Certified Coach & Psychologist with 15 years experience of life, executive and business coaching. Dr Leticia De Mattos-Arruda is a leading MD & Cancer Research Scientist. Jon and Leticia have teamed up to combine coaching and psychology with the science behind what causes stress, they can measure this directly and teach ways for any individual to overcome this. Jon and Leticia are Co-founders of & specialists in Stress & Worry